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Things I Love Thursday: ladies, ladies, ladies!

Holy cats, so much has happened. I got in a car accident on Monday (not my fault), wherein I tore my right deltoid, which I didn't find out til Thursday when I finally got to the chiropractor. Which incidentally is the same day my mother had surgery for a broken wrist. And the same day I got a tetanus shot that is still (still) having a terrible reaction on my arm. And the same day I had a job interview for a job I really really want! So... this week, I uh, I don't know how to feel?

This weekend, however, was wicked awesome. 

* Bachlorette parties! I use the plural, because it deserves it. The ladies who organized T's party were amazing. It went from one apartment with ladies getting all dolled up and drinking champagne, to another's condo building, where one of the innumerable fabulous women involved had cooked delicious dinner for everyone. Which we ate on the rooftop, overlooking the skyline and mountains and Puget Sound, with music and drinks and a photographer there taking pictures of everyone being glamorous, and watching the sunset and the night fall. And if you ask us, we officially have no idea why there happened to be fireworks set off right by the building...

And after that, we trooped to another house, where our friend E and his latin jazz trio played us live music to dance to for at least a full hour. And then back to the first apartment, for presents and more amazing times and just, agh... so much love and generosity and joy went into the evening, and it was filled with so many amazing people. I love that.

* Celebrate Seattle! which I went to tonight with my dad. Pacific Northwest Ballet Orchestra playing live music + images and video of NASA programs and other cosmic amazing stuff, hubble imagery, moon walks, etc + ballet dancers + Nichelle Nicols (Lt. Uhura) singing the Star Trek theme with the live orchestra, + Mohawk Guy Bobek Fedowsi introducing the video of the Mars Curiosity landing which had live music accompaniment again, plus so so so much more. kjbaskdbkasbvsf. It was AMAZING. And probably the geekiest thing McCaw Hall has ever seen, and so so awesome. Ahhh SCIENCE AND ART!!

* &etc: manicures with Anneka; blackberry picking in the sun; planning trips; watching Dr. Who with the gent (don't count this week's, he's caught up otherwise), ginger beer, getting at least six hours of billable editing work from one client (a repeat client no less), peanut butter, driving my parents' zippy little red car, Wonder Show by Hannah Barnaby, trading bad romance novels with Dani; late night hangouts; chiropractic appointments; when insurance companies do their job and have your back; upstart crow's all-female production of Titus Andronicus (omg amazing); hot tea in the morning, cool drinks in the afternoon.

What do you love?