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Things I Love... Sunday night! Holy cats, what a weekend. Oh my god. 14/48 is intense enough, but to do 14/48 while also performing in a show both nights is a little absurd. I don't regret it in the least, but I probably will not ever do it again? I put the question mark because I make no promises. So, things I love this week:

*14/48: the world's quickest theater festival! I got to be a Veteran designer this time around, which is quite exciting and meant I got to make Virgins get me beer on Thursday night. Ha. Also, it was a killer design team; so much fun to work with all of these amazing people. And it was a really solid slate of plays both days (with a couple of my favorite 14/48 plays ever, I think). I spent most of Friday creating an electronic sonic organ bag (playwright says: "like a bagpipe...with wires"), and yesterday was even more ridiculous. I love the intensity and the rushing about and the creativity on the spot that happens because it has to happen, and the friendships that occur without thinking about because you work together without negotiating anything but the necessary work to do, and the genius amazing stuff that all comes together at the end of the day. Such good times. (Next time I wanna be in the band!)

*The Last Leper's last weekend. We closed! And it was a good good show. My cast was lovely and the show was great and I'm really quite proud of it, and so glad it got on its feet at last. This afternoon we sat around and ate delicious tacos and drank and just relaxed, which was fantastic. Congrats all round, Leper-people.

*&etc: seeing Elliott and Gabe at the store when I went to buy cider today; seeing so many lovely friends who came to see Leper or 14/48 this weekend; helping with a wedding parade; breakfast meetings; this excellent open letter to Emmett "Jerkface Asshole" Burns, Jr.; chocolate chip cookies; my quilt; the windy weather that's suddenly kicked up and the fact that I had to wear a sweater today; seeing acting club friends at auditions; dinosaurs; "I'm easily worth two men. ...you can help too, if you like"; working on projects with the gentleman; looking forward to amazing trips coming up!

What do you love?


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