A meme!

Mar. 26th, 2009 05:36 pm
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Oh my, wonderful memes that waste time. Haha. Here it is:

1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.

2) Post this meme with your answers.

3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.

4) Label which you would marry, shag, and throw off a cliff.

[livejournal.com profile] newredshoes gave me Simon Tam, Eddie Izzard & Viggo Mortenson. A truly fabulous bunch, yes? A hard choice? Here goes:

goody goody )

So...who wants to play? :)
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Memes are usually fairly self-important, which is why they are fun guilty pleasures...but I think this one is really lovely.

The first five people to respond to this post will get something made by me.

My choice. For you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
- What I create will be just for you.
- It'll be done this year. No guarantees when, it will be a total surprise!
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a mix tape. It may be fic, or a poem. I may draw or paint something. I might bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? You must repost this, and repost right away. We can all make stuff and make someone's day a little bit brighter!

ETA: Ok, I'll take the first six, because Leeann is already in the mix. & needs to hurry up. :D
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Have made grand progress on my room today! It no longer looks like a catastrophe, & now resembles somebody's cozy bedroom with a pile of boxes in the corner--full of books, natch, which need to be sorted alphabetically & put back on my shelves. Some of said shelves are fairly messy, still, but I am nonetheless pleased.

Things are going well. MSR is happening & I am thrilled; tomorrow I get to have breakfast with Emily & Liz (!), get a haircut, & sell three bags of books to Magus. Wednesday is New Year's Eve, where I get to see Perez again & watch a taping of Says You & go to more than one party (I hope). Thursday & Friday I am angling to see Nikki & David, Saturday is the BE meeting thing, & Sunday is the one full day Perez & I have to put something substantial together for Ragnarok before school starts again. Yikes!

That's pretty much the only thing I am really worried about at this point, is Ragnarok. I feel v. intimidated by it...but still excited, so that's good. (I should probably be worried about my independent project in history, since I have a proposal due probably next week, but I'm not.)

& I am taking a break to take online quizzes. Because, uh, I can.

oh dear. )

That last quiz plus all this talk about Twilight et al makes me really want to break out the old bat characters...maybe I should pull up those files & actually finish something. & then publish it & make millions like Stephanie Meyer. :)


Dec. 15th, 2008 10:03 am
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I love snow! I love watching it flurry to the ground, I love the way snow looks when it settles on plants, I love seeing inches of it built up on roofs and cars, I love throwing it at other people, I even pretty much love getting it thrown at me. I love stomping in snow, I love kicking it and eating it and sitting inside with hot chocolate looking outside at it. I love it.

I do not, however, love defrosting my car without any kind of ice scraper. Oh my. I used warm water, which is mostly okay except when it freezes all over again before I can dry it, and when I am literally frozen out of my car! It took three water bottles of warm water before I could even open the driver's door. Oh poor Melinda.

At least it got me up this morning! Now, as I have told myself, I am supposed to be cleaning my room. I am actually sitting next to the heater & I do not want to go anywhere else. Brrr. It is not really that cold in my room, but...brr nevertheless.

Okay, okay. Compared to, like, New England? I am a wuss! But I do not care. It was 23 F this morning & I am a wussy little Seattleite and not used to being cold. Oof. & it is not getting any warmer any time soon! ...oh, I don't like defrosting things, but I do like winter, really. Yay.

& now, the yearly meme )
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This thing has been floating about LJ, apparently. Surrealist text-based adventure game. I died (thanks, Sam, for killing me), but, like [livejournal.com profile] poisoninjest, I found the lj-interest-based texts more amusing than anything else...

You find yourself in a gas-filled firing range. You hear the sound of ashland echoing through ventilation shafts.
I would prefer to hear the sound of ashland in person, but if I don't manage to get down there this summer, I guess hearing it through ventilation shafts is the next best thing...

You find yourself in a cramped recreation room. A warning sign on the wall mentions werewolves.
I feel that at this point in my speculative-fiction career I ought not to need a warning sign.

You find yourself in a zero-gravity security station. The outpost's computer alerts you to renaissance history.
Ha, wouldn't that be cool...

Anyway, mostly I'm just amusing myself. I'm done with my food break so I should get back to data reports. Have I mentioned that data reports & excel are now my enemies? Although my coworker rocks my world. I think we might figure out a scheduling fix so that I can help out on Arabian Nights...ooo, please.

& in other news, all my super-secret plans for Joel's birthday went well, as did the part I didn't plan; yesterday was loads of fun. I have decided that I need to spend more time in parks this summer. That is all.

Bard Meme

Sep. 22nd, 2005 05:15 pm
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When you see this in a friend's journal, quote Shakespeare!

In spite of your heart, I think; alas, poor heart! If you spite it for my sake, I will spite it for yours; for I will never love that which my friend hates.


That thou hast her, it is not all my grief,
And yet it may be said I loved her dearly;
That she hath thee, is of my wailing chief,
A loss in love that touches me more nearly.

(So you get two for one. Good deal.)

Hey, all you people: I have a random CONTEST for you!
I want to make a new journal just for my art and writing posts, so I can keep them separate and organized within themselves (hopefully that will actually work out that way; it remains to be seen if that's even possible). Thing is, I want a nifty user name for it, and at the moment I'm not thinking of anything; so I'm going to turn it over to you all. Something out of Shakespeare, or Alice in Wonderland, or Neverwhere or something like that. Or something writerly in general.
Suggest things all you like, and the person who gives me the one I end up using (unless for some reason I suddenly think of something myself) gets to request something artsy from me (a drawing, I mean; I can try to write something for you, but that's less of a guarantee).

(I love this, shoving all the creativity off on you people. I'm so horrible.)
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Mmm...more stuff I wrote a while ago and am now fiddling with again. She hasn't got a name; also she sucks the life out of people occasionally, but that comes up later, in a probably stupid and badly done clever plot device, haha.

'Do I look like an angel to you?' )

Also: Icon Meme...
Comment and I'll pick one of your LJ interests and make you an icon. You have no say in what I make an icon of! Put this in your journal so I can do the same. (Only if you want to.) (Um...and if you comment for the story or something else, tell me if you want the icon too. Otherwise I'll be a confused monkey. And that state of affairs is only useful for plot propulsion, and even then only for a paragraph or two.)

And thirdly: Hot damn, I love this job. Haha...oh man. I'm going to really have to force myself to do homework during the school year, instead of sitting here reading novels...
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I was trying to organize a possible quick trip to Portland, but Amtrak's website was flipping out on me, so I called them instead...and got Julie, the Automated Telephone Agent. Who sounded creepily real. It was hard not saying "okay" in response to some things (which would not have worked, as the whole thing was voice-activated), and it felt kind of weird hanging up on her. It. Whatever.
...it was really bizarre.

And now, stolen from [livejournal.com profile] mantini: That Really Weird Quiz )

That was disturbingly fun, actually. My goodness. Off to dinner now.
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The huge chocolate-chip cookies here are so good.
Also art history is fabulous, and I love Dante.

...that is all.

iChing )

Whoa...you know how some things--sounds, smells--make memories just explode in your head? Yes. This song? OH yeah.
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First, the somewhat plaintive rant: I don't like having more reading than I can handle. And when it comes down to it, it isn't the fact that I have to rush to get it done and oh-I-hate-homework and all that. I think what my greater problem is, is that when I read something, I want to really read it. The reason I love reading books in groups is for the deep reading and the discussions that come out of that, when we've all actually read the thing. And it seems, in college, that teachers shove huge piles of reading on us just so we get the basic information, without giving us the time to really understand it. I suppose that's the problem with survey classes--breadth not depth. But I have two chapters of Cohn and twenty eleven-pt font pages from the internet to read (wha?) for tomorrow, plus art history. And the teachers have actually said it, too--just skim it, don't worry about reading everything really carefully--and that's what bothers me. I want to read it carefully. I like reading things carefully. And it annoys me when I can't.
But I can't keep complaining, because, well, I have homework. Oy.

Secondly: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder movie) at midnight on FRIDAY at the Egyptian. Who's coming with? I figure we can go as a sort of pre-cursor to the summer Wonka party. *squee!*

Thirdly: le meme )
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More may come up, so I'll edit if they do, but I felt like taking photos so here are the first round. Hee. This is fun. *grin*

Memesheep! )

And go read my previous post and give me feedback...*is a comment-whore*

I was a something else whore today. What was that? Oh, and grammar-whore, that's right; I pimp myself out to edit manuscripts. Heh.

'Night all...
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(Actually, he may like whipped cream as well. I think he likes honey more though. And no, that has nothing to do with this post whatsoever.)

Auditions went well, I think. It's really amazing how much work and nervous energy I expend on something that's over in less than five minutes. Cripes.
I hear by Friday, apparently, whether I've been called back. I doubt I'll get called for Henry V (I don't think there are any parts I'd be considered for, really); for Tempest they're looking for an African-American Ariel apparently (damn those white genes, haha), but Miranda wouldn't be bad at all. Hmm. *crosses fingers*

Saw Philip at auditions. Philip is an old fogey who has rotten teeth! *sticks out tongue*

In other news, I love Diana Wynne Jones. (Have just finished a book of short stories plus the novella Everard's Ride. I adore her writing....)

Did not get one single writing or drawing thing done this break. Well, not exactly true--I inked and coloured a sketch while watching the Vampire The Masquer-Thingy game (as Jer calls it). But other than that, nada zip zilch. I'm actually less annoyed about that than I thought I'd be; I get the feeling that as soon as school starts up again I'll really want to do everything else. Always seems to happen that way.

Finally, I will pronounce to the world that Anneka is a LIFESAVER--not the hard round candy, but the sort that makes your lives happier. Whoot Friday! And we will make that fondue pot work, even if I have to beat it with a stick. *grin* (Mmm, can get your camera back to you as well unless you want it sooner. Call me.)

Spring Quarter approacheth! I am ten weeks away from being a college sophomore. Cripes. Am both terrified and totally excited. Hah.

A Meme, which looks to be much fun:
1. Tell me anything or any spot within the confines of my place you'd like for me to snap a picture of!

2. I'll take pictures of as many of the requests as possible, unless they are TOO gross, weird or private to snap.

3. I'll post the pictures in my journal for all to see!
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I spent all day today (all day beginning at one, ok, fine) cleaning my room, hah! And it was brilliant. I mean deep clean, as in getting literally everything out in boxes &c and moving everything into the hallway and vaccuming like a madwoman. We are fixing my bed and I am painting my bookcase (wheee! I love painting furniture! *is a dork*) and I am so excited.
Over a room clean.

This would be pathetic, but haha--I don't care! I feel very accomplished.

On the other hand I have a dentist appt. tomorrow....ew.

Yesterday ROCKED...I worked on my room a bit, which was good. And Emily (yay!) came for dinner and we saw The Incredibles which I had not seen and which was fabulous. Very funny, wonderful animation. Pixar rocks my world.

...I hope dinner is soon...I am hungry.

because i can )

...so obviously I have a lot to do in life still. Heh.

...I want to have a birthday party...people, let me know what times you'll be around. It might not be this week, though. I have no idea when. *is scheduling idiot*

Love you all. :)
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Points of Order:

Firstly--anyone who possibly can, GO SEE "The Shape of Things" by ReAct, at Hugo House. Runs through the 26th. Really, really good and whooooboy I was in shock for about an hour afterwards. GO. NOW.

Secondly, Happy Birthday Rose m'dearah! I will try to call you later today.

Thirdly, this is really fun:
hand that took mine, and I want to write. Writers want to write. Writers want to write. Writers want to have to finish the questions, lest I screw my study group over--which I refuse to do, since I'm relying on them for the whole truth, and that is not seemly or necessary for a girl of my state to be intelligent, and so I can't take it anymore. Because I want to write. Writers want to work on my Mark paper. Gawd. Cannot wait until spring break, even though I am not stupid, nor am I not worried. Haha... (99 words from http://apps.hewgill.com/cgi-bin/ljmarkov.pl )
more of those...cause it's addictively funny )

Fourthly, ....it's time for breakfast. Haha, today will be fab. I am going shopping (what? I hear you cry; you, shopping? --But yes, I am) and then we are going salsa dancing tonight. Hopefully that will turn out well. Heee...
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I'm actually rather intrigued at the way those two always seem to go hand-in-hand, as though one could not love God without despising the world. It's a particular sort of mentality, I suppose, the dichotomy between material and spiritual things; but I always felt most spiritual when I was connecting to something material, usually. And, really, if God created the world, and I despise the world, am I not then despising God via God's creation? (Whatever God is...which is another question for a time when I haven't got a paper waiting to be finished.) I really do love the world--and if it's God's world, then I ought to love God for creating it. And that, to me, seems fairly self-evident.

Also, because I am a memesheep (baaaaa):

Everyone who reads this, ask me 3 questions. Any 3, no matter how personal, dirty, private, or random. I have to answer them honestly. In turn, you have to post this message in your own journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked to you.
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I don't know why I'm so annoyed. I didn't get enough sleep last night, but I was really happy last night. Except I'm still uncomfortable about Joel. I don't want to be uncomfortable; she's said that falling asleep in a guy's arms is the best feeling ever, and I definetely appreciate that, but I'd...kinda like some notice, I guess, when I'm expected to share a room which is technically half mine with a guy I don't really know. I really wish I wasn't this annoyed about it. But I am. Which makes me more annoyed.
Actually, I'm just sort of generally annoyed. Maybe I'm PMSing. I could blame it on hormones then. But I don't think I am, I think I'm just bitchy. Grrar.

I spent all day today at the Leadership Blitz, which, for a random leadership confrence that began at 8:30 in the morning, was actually really fun. I hung out with some people I hadn't met before, did some crazy activities. I would have been a lot happier if I'd gotten to take a shower in the morning, but no, I'm too lazy.

If I can make it through till next Friday, all will be well. This week is going to be just as awfu as the last one, beginning now, but...after next Friday it will be much easier. Not over, but easier.

quiz. cause i'm waiting for laundry. )

*sigh* Mmmkay. Time to switch out laundry. And do math. Oh, god...I am so ready for this quarter to be finished. I need...something. I'm so far gone I don't even know what I need anymore.


Feb. 3rd, 2005 03:26 pm
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] leeann_marie, the Google Meme )

That was oddly entertaining. Also possibly entertaining is that I now know my roommate is utterly freaked out by all things vampire/werewolf/talking-to-trees related. Haha...

I think I need a blackboard, just so I can do preemptive penance.

I will not scare my roommate by supernatural means.

I will not scare my roommate by supernatural means.

I will not scare my roommate by supernatural means....

Oh, who am I kidding, really?


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