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I don't do TiLT as a weekly entry, although I would like to since I think listing what I love and am grateful for is generally a positive thing to do. But I spent the majority of this week in a haze of vague fear, frustration & (tmi alert) PMS, so the fact that today I just felt FANTASTIC is something to celebrate!

Thus: Things I Love Friday, Or More Likely Saturday By The Time This Is Actually Posted:

1. Obama. You knew I was going to start with this, because is there anything this man doesn't do? He issues orders to close Guantanamo Bay. He freezes pay on White House aides making more than 100k, & sets tight restrictions on lobbyists. He overturns the global gag rule. No, he's not perfect...but hey, I'm in the honeymoon phase. Oh, what a man!

2. Hot Waterbottles! Because I have my feet on one now, & they are just the loveliest things. My room has been fairly warm this winter (it's in the basement, for those who have never visited, & is often freezing), but still I make myself a hot water bottle every time I go to bed. Mmm. :)

3. Slings & Arrows. How could I possibly forget how much I adore this show? I hung out with Elsa this afternoon & we watched half of the first season, & oh--GEOFFREY. Marry me. Or, better yet--DIRECT ME. The show just makes me fall in love with theater all over again, even though I know I adore it. Speaking of fantastic theater...

4. Acting II, especially Sean W.S. & the fact that we're doing the Astrov/Elena scene from Brian Friel's translation of Uncle Vanya for the first assignment. Amazing classic play? Check. Best translation/adaptation ever done? Check. Hot, steamy scene with plenty of juicy moments, complicated actions & snogging? Check. Incredibly talented scene partner? Check. Oh yeah, baby.

5. Tanqueray Gin. Especially in perfect gin & tonics. 'Nuff said. :)

6. Libraries! I am going to the UW libraries to take copious notes on archival material tomorrow, & you know I'm in a good mood when I'm excited about that! Maybe I will get to take them to the Suzzalo reading room & take notes there. Mmmm....

And I saved the best for last, because, guess what...

7. Leeann / [livejournal.com profile] leeann_marie is coming to visit Seattle!
I am utterly THRILLED about this, & have been spending a whole bunch of time thinking of places we should go & things we should do. Man. Expect some sputtery posts of glee as the day approaches, & tons of photos & blabbering when she's here (or perhaps just after she leaves, as we might just be too busy living it up!).

& there are so many more! But I will stop there, & get to sleep...tomorrow I will listen to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me & make cookies (perhaps that should be 8 & 9...) & so many other good things!

Goodnight, world. <3
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Google tasks is pretty much the best new shiny thing ever! At least my favorite discovery this week. I have about three to-do lists on different scraps of paper, & now I can put them all in one place! Which I check all the time anyway!

Seriously, among tasks, email, calendar (the colors! the shapes!) & TBH blog, Google pretty much owns my life. I am hoping they don't turn out to be a borg-like entity intent on taking all of my information & destroying life itself, but if they do...hey, I'm in deep already. :)

In other news, I am still gleeful about Obama. Oh, wait, sorry--President Obama.
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Listening to President Obama's inauguration speech:

I have goosebumps!

Oh, this man. How proud I am to have him as my president!

(Also--this first family is going rock. Besides how cool we already know they are, & that we are going to have a first grandma at the White House--apparently, when the Obama family was visiting the Lincoln memorial & reading the Gettysburg address off of it, when they got to the point about liberty and justice for all men created equal, Malia asked, "How're we doing on that?")
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Just in case I don't get online on my laptop tomorrow, just in case I am too carried away by the joy of the Inauguration festivities & forget to post about it, I'll do it early.

I am SO THRILLED that, starting tomorrow, I will be a citizen of a country with a president I respect. I am more excited than I can tell you that, starting tomorrow, when my president's voice comes on the radio, I will smile instead of cringe. That we can finally hear him introduced as "President Obama" instead of "President-elect." (Though I've noticed some people on NPR slip up & call him President more than once. We're just so ready, is all.) I am so proud that I finally feel like I can respect & follow & civilly agree or disagree with my government. (& that there's a first family I totally want to be friends with!)

Mr. Obama, you have a lot of hopes and expectations riding on you. But you know what? I think you'll do just fine.

Anyone who isn't happy about tomorrow, we can have our discourse later. For now, I say to you:


(I don't know who to credit for this--it's not me--but I adore it.)
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Tech weekend is done--I was at the theater all Friday night, then about 9am-11pm both days. I pretty much feel like a walking cloud of fog. That feels terrible. Oh, I need so much more sleep than this...& even with the day off tomorrow, I still feel like homework is eating me alive!
There is a mock trial in History 201 this week--I was the only one of my group who read anything over the weekend, & I was locked in a booth for 90% of my waking hours, so. Agh.
There is a paper due also on that same day...vaguely about the trial. It's really stupid. I got an extension just in case.
I have a Moby Dick test on Thursday which I am paralyzed with fear over, read: am not studying for because I think it's pointless. I will read my notes tomorrow. That's pretty much all I can do.
I have outlines due on Wednesday in PNW.
Nothing big due in Physics, thank god.

PLUS ALSO doing TECH for the rest of the WEEK. We don't have tech tonight--so I'm running Vagina Monologue auditions instead. Yikes. (Which are going really well though!)

Here. Don't listen to my whining! Learn about Secret Service names instead! Obama's was Renegade, how rad is that? Michelle's was Renaissance, so, equally cool & fitting. I am so THRILLED about this new first family. They are gonna rock the White House so hard.
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1. I saw Molly's play last night! Or more correctly I should say Theater Machine's play, & I knew half the people involved, but Molly was the one bugging me to come. They produced Caryl Churchill's Vinegar Tom which is a weirdass play but quite good, & they did it very well I thought. A lot of SU people won't be able to see it because it's right over MP rehearsal & performance, but if you're in Seattle, you should go see their show & support new companies!

2. Just when I think I could not be more gleeful about our President-Elect Obama, this website comes along: Change.gov. I mean. I just. I. This is me internally flailing with joy.

3. Speaking of joy? This is another reason the internet is awesome: a Flickr set of the Obama family on election night. These are--oh, god, I hate using the word historical right now, but they are, all right, & they're just awesome. Plus as a rule they are generally just really good photographs--lovely composition & light on a lot of them. (Particularly this!, this, this which I want to frame for my wall,* this, & this... all of them, really. I should just quit linking & tell you to go, click, see them all!

*Can I just say how happy I am that I have a president whose photo I want to have on my wall? I am invested in government now for reasons of hope & hard work--not anger. This is good. This is very, very good. :)
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This morning on NPR I kept hearing "President-elect Obama" & "in the Obama administration" & I was still gleeful! (Even though still exhausted too.) It just...it makes me so thrilled.

an attempt at bipartisan celebration? )

More choice moments from Tuesday night, though:

- Dancing in a group at the "Speakeasy" Rosebud--which included what Melissa would call my gentleman caller--& still getting fiercely asked out by a fairly drunken man. I attribute it to the glee.

- Todd breaking out into a rendition of the beginning of the Cell Block Tango, which we joined in to, as referring to Republicans: "They had it coming! They had it coming! They only had themselves to blame! If you'da been there, if you'da seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!" ...& then Todd singing the bridge & wiggling in the street. Brilliant.

- The spontaneous chants of YES WE CAN that broke out all through the crowd, randomly.

- How much beer was given away & passed around with lovely generosity! & a couple standing with a full pack of bottles, when Perez stopped & said, "hey--do you need a bottle opener?" since he has one on his keys, & then getting two bottles for his trouble. Everyone was just so friendly.

-The man with a videocamera (there were several videographers of course), who trained it on Perez & Bailey & me to get our reactions--lots of yelling & happy incoherence--& then asked Perez, "so how does this compare to the night you lost your virginity?" (Best. Question. Ever.)
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When I was sitting at home with my parents watching the tv, I was pretty much shaking with nervous energy. I had homework to do last night--how insane is that? I couldn't concentrate on anything, of course, other than the election--I had a state-by-state map up on my computer & NPR on in the background, I was texting with Leeann & gmail-chatting with Perez, who was at rehearsal, sharing numbers: "207!" We were both being all afraid about assumptions--I got so nervous, I know they call it on good math, I know they know what they're doing, but what if they're wrong? Don't get my hopes up-- & then they called it. They called the whole thing for Obama--the president-elect, Barack Obama.

(I sent: "YES YES YES YES YES FUCKING YESSSSSSS," to which Perez replied: "rehearsal just fell to shambles."
let me tell you about the wildness of Seattle's joy )

I got very little sleep last night, & I was in class on time this morning. My throat is hoarse with screaming for joy. & I am still--still! gloriously happy. I believe.
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Ladies & Gentlemen: President-Elect Barack Obama.


Tonight, yes I am proud of my country! I am thrilled for what happened tonight & what it means for what can--& will, I believe--happen in the future. & I am so happy--so, so happy!

Obama is speaking now--listening to him be so grounded, so confident & articulate. Maybe people have blind belief in him, but he knows it won't be easy. And he isn't hiding that. This is hope with an edge, but he knows how to rally us--I love that there is a call & response of yes we can! continuing through this! & oh, man, does he rock.

(Photo from NPR)


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