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Am in the recording studio, listening to Perez mixing the recording of Ragnarok that we just made. Am also avoiding writing my Shakespeare final, not because I don't like it but because I don't want to write it...I miss oral exams, they were much more fun.

On the other hand, this is the last thing I have to do--that, and checking two citations at the UW tomorrow. Then I turn in both papers on Wednesday & I am done with college forever. Yup.

To celebrate (slightly prematurely), Perez & I are mooching off Kacey for one last Pancake Feed: all you can eat breakfast food + playing magic = best late night party times!

I have an audition for Book-It's generals (yes please, I really want to get in with them) next week & for Driftwood's Secret Garden the week after. Am not sure what is happening with Greenstage's Titus, but I will investigate that. Also, wrote a press release for Pillowman and things are coming together for I Gelosi, so...actually, I'm feeling pretty good about the theatrical future.

Yar. So close to being finished here...so, so close.
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I can't believe I didn't post anything here about Ragnarok performances...yowza. Long story short, they went really well, I am super proud of everyone, am really happy that we managed to pull it off, & am really glad it's over. Even though I loved it. :)
On Sunday we moved the show outside to the Quad--on Friday we learned that due to a scheduling snafu (their words), we had to be struck & gone by Sunday morning. Well, shit. So we annouced to all & sundry that we were doing an acoutstic version in the Quad on Sunday, panicked for a bit, & then opened the show that night. We did two shows Friday night (fantastic audiences both times), & then two shows Saturday night (a little quieter, but still good). Then we struck, which of course went much faster than load in.
& then Andrew, Davey, Robert, Bailey, & Andrew's work friend Michelle (who had come to the show, & is awesome) & I all went to the Elysian for happy hour. We were there for about two hours. Food, drink, post-show loopy-ness, & the best waitress ever, Billie--yeah, I totally got her name & number. This lady sat down & talked with us about planning for the zombie invasion, guys. She's that cool. Plus she let Robert stay even though he's a baby.
So--Sunday--it went super well. It was a very different vibe, but it was still rockin' out, on the steps of the Quad, the actors going totally over the top & the audience loving it. Man, those kids are just so rad.

Catching up on all this stuff is weird...I feel like I am pulling away from the day-to-day blather I used to do. Maybe a phase. Who knows.

Anyway--I have FOUR THINGS LEFT to do before I graduate. Count 'em:
1) Revise my history paper (+ double-check citations at the UW): due Wednesday.
2) Take-home final in Shakespeare: due Wednesday.
3) Turn in the bibliography & receipts from honors project: tomorrow.
4) Paper on Titus Andronicus, agh: due Friday.

The latter is what I am currently procrastinating from....it's interesting stuff, but I feel very blathery about it, & very resistant to writing anything for school anymore, even something about Shakespeare for Billy T. Ah well. I am writing it single-spaced so I can feel more productive when I double-space it.

Also, I am currently obsessed with glasses half full of lemonade and half full of iced tea. This is the best combination ever. EVER. Because it is really hot outside. Really.

Plus I graduate in, uh, eleven days. Did I mention that? Um...anyone hiring? :)
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I finished my draft!

I mean, all of it. Every section. Obviously the paper still needs revision, & I haven't even sent it into the teacher for looking-over & commenting on, but WHOA the WHOLE DRAFT is DONE, YO.

It is twenty-seven pages of pure theater madness with some real-life primary research that very few people have done before, if ever, so, y'know, that's important and stuff. I confess I somewhat lose my objective-historian cool when talking about HUAC and the Canwell Investigations & I wax somewhat dorkily poetic about Florence, but YO. It's DONE.

Revisions are the easy part! This is like five million fun-but-heavy bricks off my metaphorical shoulders, y'all. This is AWESOME.
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So I can't seem to stop typing the word "bureaucracy" as "bureaucrazy." ...possibly this is a sign?
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I am tired, in that deep lethargic way where my mind wants to curl up in a tiny corner & go away from everything.
Especially my history paper, which...oh, it's just so frustrating in so many little ways, & it's one of those projects that I'm interested in vaguely but just cannot make myself buckle down & do anything.
I have vague thesis ideas, & vague plans for structure, & vague knowledge about things I know I should know more about, & a totally concrete aversion to the entire thing.

I'm just so over school, & this--even though I have two other classes--this paper feels like the last giant hurdle I have to wrangle a way over before I get to be finished with something, you know? & it's just...staring me in the face & being implacable & frustrating. Agh.
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Update on the vaginas:
Vagina Monologues went amazingly. As Ernie said when he came up to me after opening night, "we did something useful!" Everyone was beautifully spot on, the audience for opening night was in high wild spirits. Saturday Heidi from One by One came to talk, which was fab. The audience was a little more subdued, but still reactive & good. I came Sunday to help with warmups & give my girls cards--& they all gave me flowers & I felt really bad I wasn't staying, but I left anyway, to work on the musical. I heard it went fabulously, & I have no doubts. Man. What a rockin' weekend. :D
Cody asked me to email him a few statements about the show for a piece in the Spectator, & I was effusive & cheesy & it was all totally true.
I need to keep in touch with these ladies. They are fantastic.

In other news, Acting II is proceeding apace, & I still feel like an idiot for ignoring my history...but I continue to do so anyway. I sent Fr. M an email at least, so he's in the loop again. Oh well. Theater ate my brain this quarter....I'm just looking forward to when it can do that, y'know, legitimately.
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So I missed Thursday, but here are some things in my life that I love:

* Leeann's visit! Included in this are: seeing Leeann, obviously! Plus photobooths, adorable cats, sabretooth tigers attacking everything, silly photographs, beautiful weather, lots of knitting, Flight of the Conchords and Arrested Development, chocolate & other good foods, meeting new people from Portland, & generally having a vacation-like fun time in my own city. AWESOME.

*Theater Stuff:
- Vagina Monologues open tonight. We had our first & only run-through last night. Everything is FANTASTIC--I'm just so happy that it actually all came together, & all of the women are so, so amazing & I'm so proud of everyone & everything. Plus we have already sold at least 100 tickets for tonight. Eee!
- I am (nearly) finished with draft four of Ragnarok & Roll--I say nearly because there is one verse that's really frustrating me, but I know what I want to say there, so I'm just struggling with verbage rather than plots and arcs and character stuff.
- Related to that, Perez played me what he has composed so far &, um, you guys, it's amazing. & I'm not just saying that, it's really lovely.
- Had first rehearsal for "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Am sure my southern accent sounds like hell. Do not care. Am in love with this play & this character. Want to do the whole play. Now. As Maggie.

* Sleeping: I slept for about 10 hours last night. 'nuff said.

Mostly my life at the moment is revolving around VM, Acting II & Ragnarok (I have given up on history entirely & am ignoring it until after finals, go me). I feel like I am doing nothing else. For the most part, I am okay with that. :)
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Leeann left this morning--or rather, I left this morning to go to work & she left some time after that. I took some pictures (she took some others), so expect a full update-y picture-y post when I get those uploaded! Hopefully soon. :) It was grand fun, anyway, & I got to pretend I was on vacation (sort of) in order to show her Seattle & hang out & everything. So hurray!

In other news, I am stupidly busy in weird ways that I feel like...I don't know, these are all things that shouldn't make me busy but somehow are? It's strange. I have a ton of lines to learn for the last three scenes in Acting II, not to mention actually rehearsing those scenes, plus VagMonos this week is stressing me out...I'm superproud of all the women & everyone who's been working on it & I know it's going to turn out all fantastically, but I'm still worried. Ack.

Also, still have not touched history. Need to email Fr. M about that. Plus books I have that I haven't even read yet are starting to be overdue. Uh-oh.

& I met with Ki again on Monday & am about to start in on another draft...this is turning out to be rather different than when we started, which I suppose is what happens when you draft things, but is also a little weird. & I feel behind. Which I guess I will always feel like.

Ah, I am not as depressed as this sounds! Not at all, things are going well, just busily. I have a readthrough for "Wonders of the Swirling Night" tonight, & I am really thrilled about that. Good things are happening.
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Hello world!
Leeann is here! & I've been showing her Seattle & also dragging her to lots of fight calls (ah, theater). Yesterday we poked around Fremont; today we met up with her friend's cousin & his fiancee & had lots of ridiculously tasty food. & then spent Saturday night at my house knitting. Yup.
Tomorrow, which I guess is today now, is probably going to be Pike Place, & also her friend from Portland is driving up to meet up with us so it should be a grand party! It's been very exciting. :)

I am starting to get seriously freaked out about Vagina Monologues. Not because I don't think it will be fine, but because I am a worrywart.

I am also generally horrified at myself for NOT doing any work on history since, like, ever--by which I mean about two weeks ago, but still. I guess it doesn't help that I also feel behind on the script, which I have actually been working on, so there we go. I feel like I'm doing a lot, but when I list it all out it doesn't sound like a lot. I am just good at stretching it out? I am sleeping more? That is a bad thing? I'm not sure.
I plan to pretty much spend my entire spring break reading things for history, and sewing. That's it. Mostly reading, though.
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Am watching Stardust with dad, & therefore not doing my homework. I've forgotten what a brilliantly perfect movie this is! It doesn't try to be anything other than what it is--a fantastic adventure story with wonderful humor--& everyone is obviously having scads of fun.
Some things about it:

1. I really, really want that airship. I want to sail on it. (Fly on it? What would be the proper verb for traveling a la airship?)

2. Seriously, Claire Danes. Why do I not get to be you. I am upset. (There are a couple actresses out there that I really want to steal the careers off of...)

2.5 However, this doesn't mean that I don't think Claire Danes is amazing. Because she is.

3. You know, in all iterations or explanations, he ghost brothers should be really annoying, but they are not. They are hilarious.

4. I'm pretty sure this is the best cast they could have assembled. & a large number of them have ridiculously perfect facial expressions and comedic timing.

5. Charlie Cox is utterly adorable. I mean utterly.

5.5 & his little casual mullenelo at what'shisface (that's what the super-swishy sword move is called) is one of my favorite moments of any film. Actually, that whole sequence where Tristan is being all swashbucklingly dapper, I just melt all over + want to swash some buckles myself at the same time!

6. Yvaine's speech of love to Tristan-the-mouse is one of the sweetest and clearest love speeches I've heard & I adore it. Similarly, their love scene in the inn is equally innocently wonderful.

7. I continue to be totally impressed at how well this story translated to screen with all these changes & yet I love it as much as the book. Well done, people. Well smashingly done!

also, I continue to not care about my history project in the lovely way where I find the subject matter really interesting, but would far rather read about it than write or formulate hypotheses about it. Sigh. Once more to the books....

--but Stardust!
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Today I have decidedly wavered back & forth between feeling vaguely useless and full of purpose. It's been a little confusing. Mostly I think I am in that state of knowing exactly what has to happen, but not quite having started yet--specifically with my history paper, where the next step is to round up a whole hell of a lot of sources. Yay. (Although I have lots of leads, so that at least makes it into a fun hunt instead of a frustrating one.)

Perez & I worked on the musical today together, at the same time, in the same room, with a piano. It was crazy awesome! We wrote almost a whole song! We drafted about three minutes of musical! Which is, in this world, a fifth of the play, so. Not bad! I am still intimidated as fuck-all whenever I think about this project, since I am terrified of writing, especially lyrics; but it's also really exciting & I do sometimes get breakthroughs. & I have to keep reminding myself that I must (not can, must) write shitty first drafts, because otherwise I will have nothing to revise, & that is what I am best at.

Or as Sam Green told us today, "ttp!" aka, trust the process. Writer's block doesn't exist; you're just not trusting the process. (Oh, Sam, if I were one tenth as good as you I would be content, but I'll just keep trying.)

In other news, I think I have figured out what design I want for my tattoo. Yeah!

god bless.

Jan. 7th, 2009 02:25 pm
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That miracle I was talking about earlier? It turns out it pays to be stubborn & poor, & I'll tell you why: Because Rosa swore to me that Acting II would be in Spring '09, & I planned my finances accordingly (& therefore have no extra money to pay for credits now, when Acting II is actually happening), they are letting me register for Acting II now, Winter '09, & are waiving the fee for five credits.

No. Seriously.

I don't even know what to DO--except, y'know, register & enjoy not having to pay all that extra cash. Haha! Finally, it works out! SU 0, me 1, for once. :D

& now back to working on the script.
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So Carol may have actually pulled a miracle out of a hat for me, & SU may be doing something which I never, ever thought I'd see them do, namely, a favor. I'm still waiting for double-confirmation because I can't believe they're letting me get away with this, but my financial issues over Acting II might be over. Eeep! :D

In other news, Acting II is going to be awesome. I forgot how much I enjoy being around Ki, & I've heard she's really at her best in this class, ripping scenes to shreds. I am so excited.

Also I think I'm helping Matt with R&J fights. I am called to rehearsal tomorrow.

& Perez & I have been making some really tasty food stuffs recently, so I am pleased. Mmm polenta & stirfries.

2009...you're being real good to me so far. Keep it up, hey? I promise I'll be good back, because that's what friends do.
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(11:11, make a wish.)

I just spent the last hour talking to Carol about my classes & the mess therein. Talking to her made me simultaneously relieved and panicked, since I think we're probably going to make it work, but she brought up a whole other issue I didn't even realize was an issue, causing me to need desperately to talk to Dr. E, who of course is not on campus today. Blargh.

It was very strange walking onto campus this morning--I felt like I had been gone for a very long time. & sitting in Carol's office while she phoned various deans & registrars & so forth, looking at all her set designs & materials & office-like things, for some reason make me really want to get out of school & start working. On something. Anything.

Not that I haven't been feeling that for a while, anyway. Even though it's always tempered with that feeling that if I just stay here & take classes I can hide from any real responsibility...? But that got shot to hell about last year, & dealing with the fiddly-bits & bureaucracy of university life has gotten to far outweigh the fun of taking classes, sadly. So I am pretty ready to be done, all things considered. I will be glad to graduate. I want to start something.

It's OVER!

Dec. 11th, 2008 11:12 am
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I'M DONE! I'm done with this quarter! I finished my physics exam, an hour early I might add, & now I am finished!

Man, this is so exciting. Guess what? I'm done with my English Major (I could graduate right now, really, but haha, no, I like to torture myself), & I'm done with all my core classes. That means to graduate I have these credits left:

5 cr. American research seminar in History (Fr. Murphy, winter quarter)
5 cr. Senior Synth in Drama (Ki or someone else, Spring quarter)
5 cr. Acting II class (Kate or Ki, Spring quarter)
+ 5 cr. of Drama Honors (with Perez, writing a musical, performing in Spring & should have started yesterday!)

WHAT. 15 + 5 honors credits & I am DONE. I am almost out of here!

Now I get to sell back my books I don't want. It's petty cash, but it's still cash, & I just get such a warm fuzzy feeling taking money from this school. Hee.

OH. Things I love Thursday, besides everything I just wrote:
+ I put in my dangly earrings all by myself today! Yes! My ears are all healed up & I can actually put in my own earrings instead of making my mother do it. I am so pleased.
+ Tonight I am seeing Othello. Goody goody.
+ Knitting. I have mad plans for it! I am excited.
+ Tea! Today is it mint.
+ Mittens. Today it is cold.
+ ...it might snow tomorrow! Eeeee!
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Ah! Have finished my 341 final paper & chronology!

Now I only have to study (probably briefly, since that's how I roll apparently) for my Physics final, then take it tomorrow morning--& I am FINISHED WITH SCHOOL. For now. Still! Almost done! Eeeee!
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According to my general timeline that I did for Fr. Murphy, EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD happened in 1942! Just so you know.

Also, I don't want to do this paper. It is about oppression and demanding freedom and native peoples of the PNW and...I don't want to do it. Agh.
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I feel...productive & useless at the same time? Sort of.

Yesterday Patrick & I went to Elsa's for a reading, which went well I thought (despite the people who flaked, boo to them). I'm excited for the show, which I am not going to say much about since it isn't mine, but suffice to say it will be cool.

& then I met up with Perez, who was full of nervous/bored/restless energy & got me all infected, so we decided to go out & find something interesting to do, dammit....which ended up being walking all the way down Broadway, going into Everyday Music & buying a Starlight Express CD, running into Casey & Colleen, & then walking back. So much for wild nights.

Today we went to review ACT's A Christmas Carol, which was surprisingly fresh given that this is year thirty-three. It was good, & cute, & just what it ought to be.

& then I came home. & have been working on my Galileo paper. Ooooh, I just...it's just all so repulsive, in the literal sense. I am having such a hard time making myself work on anything. It's...fairly dumb. & I also feel sick of complaining about it, too, which is stupid because then bitching about work doesn't really relieve anything either. Sigh. It's almost over.

& callbacks are tomorrow! At least I am excited about that.
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So, you know, in the spirit of Thanksgiving I'm grateful that I get to go to college, of course, & to study all this stuff that I like & that is awesome.

Still. That doesn't stop me from being totally freaked out by the amount of work I have between now & the end of finals. Including a research paper on Moby Dick I haven't started yet & barely have a topic for. And a 10-15 page Scientific American-style article for Physics. And a very strange final project for PNW History. And a fairly lame final paper for History 201. And, y'know, all the actual homework between now & then.

Plus callbacks on Monday to freak out about--meaning that I pretty much don't care at all about school until I find out about casting, so...agh.

I cannot even explain to you how incredibly excited I am to be taking only one class next quarter, independent study, with one project & no useless, extraneous assignments. It's almost like taking no school at all. Oh, lord. I am glad I did this. I'll be proud of myself when I graduate in June. But, oh, oh my, I would not do it again.
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Opening weekend so far is going well. I have been getting a fair amount of reading done, actually, while I am pushing projector buttons, so that is nice. It's pretty relaxing up in the booth. Today's between-shows break was spent enjoyably eating pizza (& enchiladas I made this morning!) & chatting in the greenroom, including a half an hour talk about ghosts, swapping stories.

This morning I went to the Prop 8 protest, for a few minutes--I couldn't stay long, but I took some pictures & saw many cool people & I have no doubt it went well. A lot of Broadway was all blocked off when I drove to the theater, & I saw protest-protestors with signs about Jesus. The annoyance I felt was somewhat mitigated by remembering a sign from the rally at the park: "Jesus had 2 dads."

Vagina Monologues are cast! Casting went well, I think. We cast 16 girls (Stephanie was worried about people actually having lines, etc, although I was worried about excluding tons of people...but we compromised). I got to call the ones we cast, which was nice--they all sounded so excited about it. I am less thrilled about turning away so many people...it's the part of casting that is never fun, no matter what. Especially when you know a lot of them. Agh.

Schoolwork: still eating my soul. Moby Dick test: done, I have no idea how I will do. MD final paper: no topic, no impetus except terror of Dr. W. Mock-mock-trial: done, we probably could have put more effort into it, but I just don't care enough. I just want this quarter to be over with already.

Back to work! For another show. Let's break some legs & fingers, & rock some socks.


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