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Went to the Seattle Art Museum today. I really love that place; I should remember to go there more often. It's free on Thursdays, and open really late too. (Who wants to have art outings with me? *grin*)

In other news, almond butter on bread is really, really good. And kind of addictive. ...they had that really good tomato-basil soup at lunch. I really hope it's there for dinner. I am going to steal a whole lot of it and put it in my fridge. Yum.

Also, Katt called me on my cell phone five minutes ago and it took me two rings to realize what it was. Obviously I have to get used to this having-a-phone-that-works thing.

I watched the last ten minutes of the Miss USA 2005 pageant last night (don't ask. I was bored). I think Miss California was prettier than Miss N. Carolina (well, she had better dress sense anyway), but the thing that really scared me about the whole thing...they all looked the same. Really, they did. They did the last five parade thing, and Miss CA came out and I thought, huh, she's pretty, ok; and then the next one came out, and by the third one I was scrutinizing them all and they all look the same. Totally terrifying.

Overheard today:

*A teacher, leading a group of kids around: "Are you really that excited by naked bodies that you have to point and be silly?"
(Well, yes...why do you ask?)

*A mother, talking to her son (about me): "She's probably taking an art history class. Part of her assignment is to write things down."
( Gosh. Was I really that obvious? Hee. I wasn't even doing the assignment, either, I'd finished that. I was copying Egyptian heiroglyphs from a statue of Thoth, nerd that I am.)

*A student, as I was walking back across campus: "It's cold! This isn't spring weather! This is fall weather!"
( Haha, girl, where are you from? This is spring in Seattle.)
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