Jan. 19th, 2012

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It's been snowing since Sunday, off and on, and while it melted for a day here in Greenlake, well, let's just say the Starks are right. Winter is coming. It's here, baby. We've had snow all day yesterday plus some freezing rain in the wee hours, and now more snow... yup, it's a good old Seattle snowstorm, just like the ones... we never get. 

Oh but really, I kind of love it! I've had snow days (though I'm remoting into work some), and I'm feeling a little cooped up at this point, but it's so pretty out, and this happens so rarely, that it's pretty exciting. (Though I'm lucky in that I don't actually need to go anywhere, and I realize that.)

So, on this snowy week, things I love:

*Warm things. Tea. So much tea! It warms me. TEA. Also, blankets, c.f. curling under them; hot dinners; cuddling; electric heaters; pajamas and sweaters; fuzzy hats & fluffy socks & slippers. 

*Housewarming! Patrick & I (finally) hosted a housewarming on Sunday, and the snow kept some people away, but there were plenty of lovely people there, lots of delicious food (I think I ate half the french toast casserole on my own), and then mimosas in the afternoon after rehearsal got canceled (which has been happening a lot this week), and sitting around chatting. Fern gets the prize for being the first person here and the last to leave. Ilu Fern! :)

*Watching good TV! This is another snow day related item: so. much. television. I rewatched The Reichenbach Fall with the gentleman yesterday (I'm still trying to figure out what the hell this out of character moment is that Moffat mentioned. Augh. Too much thinking about Sherlock! Oh wait. No such thing). And I've been finishing up Game of Thrones (just one more, which I'll watch today). And there'sCastle Once Upon A Time & I, uh, I'm kind of not used to keeping up with this much tv that's actually worth my time. It's kind of awesome. STORYTELLING!

*Reading. Speaking of storytelling, there's a new Innogen chapter! Go read it.Also I have been reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making, which is an excellent modern-Victorian fairytale, and some of Patrick's holiday edition of the Economist. There was an awesome article about frogs! Also one about Albrecht Duhrer. And Prof E sent me & my friend the first chapter of her upcoming book about Queens! So excellent. 

*&etc: Watching snow fall out the window, all the drifts of white, so pretty // taco night with the roommate, yum! // I am really appreciating socks right now, I'm just going to say that again // my paperwhite plant is totally beating Patrick's paperwhite plant, no matter what he says // I'm going to be in a magic show in April! // it's STILL SNOWING!

What do you love?


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