Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Happy Imbolc, for those that celebrate it! Or Candlemas if you prefer, or Groundhog Day if that's your shindig, I'm not fussed. It's just about halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox, so that's worth a bit of a celebration I'd say.

Things I Love this week:

*Sunshine! (It's been clear and bright and so so sunny in the mornings--the other day when I woke up I was so warm and the sun was so bright I had a strange mental disconnect and thought it was summer for a few minutes before I was fully awake.) Walking around the lake in the sunlight (even if it's still chilly) is so excellent.

* Fresh thinking/self-love/mission and vision statements... I started reading Gala Darling's website again (February is radical self love month!) and that, combined with my recent restlessness, got me all inspired to really start thinking about myself and what I want and what my plans are. And to clean out my blog reader and organize things. Maybe it's spring, too, but it all comes together in a good way. 

* &etc: acorn squash mac & cheese, new favorite recipe // kale chips oh god I will never get tired of you // allowing myself to be lazy // haircuts that take just an inch off and somehow make it a million times better // comfy cardigans // brilliantly edited fan-videos // water water water // cuddles // silly jokes // you.

What do you love?


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