Apr. 5th, 2012

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Holy cats, what a week. What a month. Oy. Righto, on to the positive--things I love! That make me happy! Good things!

* crackers and cheese & guacamole * being a magician's assistant, going into boxes, disappearing, coming back out of boxes * the auction was a success! *sunlight in the morning * elsa comes to visit this weekend! * comfy trousers and slouchy sweatshirts  * getting to sleep in * being surprisingly happy with my body the way it is * yellow car! i am totally winning * to-do lists & how helpful they are * running into old friends in my new neighborhood and finding out they live a block away from me * finding things i thought were lost. that will save me money for finding them! * ferries at night * day-dreaming about summer plans * being able to open my window at night for fresh air, mmm springtime * getting to see my gentleman for the first time in an entire week, even if it was mostly all at tech rehearsal * 

what do you love?


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