Jun. 15th, 2009 10:02 am
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So....I graduated college.

It was an entirely overwhelming weekend, mostly really good though. I am still getting used to the fact that I am no longer, technically, a student. Definitions of self get interesting at this point, though also more self-driven, which is exciting.

Today I have a meeting about puppetry. Wednesday an audition for Book-It, & check in about my part-time job. Friday my first day back at the cruise line. Around all of that I will be looking for a more semi-permanent job & solidifying art & canoodling BE in order to raise funds & audiences. I got things going on. Let's go.
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I can't believe I didn't post anything here about Ragnarok performances...yowza. Long story short, they went really well, I am super proud of everyone, am really happy that we managed to pull it off, & am really glad it's over. Even though I loved it. :)
On Sunday we moved the show outside to the Quad--on Friday we learned that due to a scheduling snafu (their words), we had to be struck & gone by Sunday morning. Well, shit. So we annouced to all & sundry that we were doing an acoutstic version in the Quad on Sunday, panicked for a bit, & then opened the show that night. We did two shows Friday night (fantastic audiences both times), & then two shows Saturday night (a little quieter, but still good). Then we struck, which of course went much faster than load in.
& then Andrew, Davey, Robert, Bailey, & Andrew's work friend Michelle (who had come to the show, & is awesome) & I all went to the Elysian for happy hour. We were there for about two hours. Food, drink, post-show loopy-ness, & the best waitress ever, Billie--yeah, I totally got her name & number. This lady sat down & talked with us about planning for the zombie invasion, guys. She's that cool. Plus she let Robert stay even though he's a baby.
So--Sunday--it went super well. It was a very different vibe, but it was still rockin' out, on the steps of the Quad, the actors going totally over the top & the audience loving it. Man, those kids are just so rad.

Catching up on all this stuff is weird...I feel like I am pulling away from the day-to-day blather I used to do. Maybe a phase. Who knows.

Anyway--I have FOUR THINGS LEFT to do before I graduate. Count 'em:
1) Revise my history paper (+ double-check citations at the UW): due Wednesday.
2) Take-home final in Shakespeare: due Wednesday.
3) Turn in the bibliography & receipts from honors project: tomorrow.
4) Paper on Titus Andronicus, agh: due Friday.

The latter is what I am currently procrastinating's interesting stuff, but I feel very blathery about it, & very resistant to writing anything for school anymore, even something about Shakespeare for Billy T. Ah well. I am writing it single-spaced so I can feel more productive when I double-space it.

Also, I am currently obsessed with glasses half full of lemonade and half full of iced tea. This is the best combination ever. EVER. Because it is really hot outside. Really.

Plus I graduate in, uh, eleven days. Did I mention that? Um...anyone hiring? :)
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I finished my draft!

I mean, all of it. Every section. Obviously the paper still needs revision, & I haven't even sent it into the teacher for looking-over & commenting on, but WHOA the WHOLE DRAFT is DONE, YO.

It is twenty-seven pages of pure theater madness with some real-life primary research that very few people have done before, if ever, so, y'know, that's important and stuff. I confess I somewhat lose my objective-historian cool when talking about HUAC and the Canwell Investigations & I wax somewhat dorkily poetic about Florence, but YO. It's DONE.

Revisions are the easy part! This is like five million fun-but-heavy bricks off my metaphorical shoulders, y'all. This is AWESOME.


May. 11th, 2009 01:28 pm
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So our first weekend is over! Last night went really well (I felt like I did the best so far).

I feel like all I talk about anymore is how tired I am but it's so true....gah. I don't know if I have ever been so consistently exhausted before. Yikes. I skipped class this morning (which I feel horrible about), but I was moving so slowly that it was impossible to get anywhere. What else is going on. The news of me....

* Still plugging away at that history paper. I feel good about it, it's just taking a while since I am writing it in stolen moments.

* Still working on Ragnarok--we had our first rehearsal with the band yesterday & it went really well, so I'm excited for that! Also, facebook event is up. Invite all your friends, it's gonna be rocking.

* Have been eating a lot of curried chicken salad, which is really tasty. Also not drinking enough water. I should get on that.

* I managed to run into a column in the parking garage today, go me. Myself & Melinda are fine, I just scraped the side--but now both little metal lines on the car side are gone. Well, both are in the trunk & need to be reattached. & I need to get new wiper blades. & probably change the oil soon. Oh lord. Cars.

* I won an award! The Hickey Award, which makes me think of a) the yarn shop in Dublin with that name & b) kissing. Apparently this is a big deal although I had not heard about it until the day I won, but I am pretty proud of myself. TJ (the other recipient) & I get to lead the processional at graduation, which, uh, is sort of intimidating & cool.

I should get back to work. Historrrrry!
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So I can't seem to stop typing the word "bureaucracy" as "bureaucrazy." ...possibly this is a sign?
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All right, I enjoy good April Fool's jokes, believe me, but snow? --is just not on. I am not a fan of the weather today--particularly after the beautiful sunny days we had over the weekend.

However. Other than the weather, things are going pretty well. Oh, & I have a cold--so my nose is stuffy & my head is congested & I sound either really husky & sexy or like a froggy freak, depending on your point of view. But other than those two, things are good! For real!

+ Speaking of April Fool's jokes I DO love: Gmail's new Autopilot feature and Google's CADIE. Check out CADIE's homepage. Beware pandas & terrifying music. :D

+ I went to the library on Monday & actually found a huge amount of information & I know where to go next to get more. This is exciting. I also had an inkling of a vague thesis last night, so I think I am on the right track. At the moment I am learning tons about Florence and Burton James and the the Seattle Repertory Playhouse & how fantastic it was. It's pretty exciting.

+ Shakespeare class is awesome. We talked about Merchant of Venice today & the class is full of people who talk & who are intelligent. I am thrilled about this! (Included in those people are several actor-types--Elspeth, Sean, Casey & Wilfred.) Plus I just adore Bill Taylor. What a man.

+ Business of Art I am not sure about--since most of our class yesterday was taken up by a potential teacher candidate teaching a sample class, which, by the way, was fantastically awesome! It was all about sound & how we perceive it & then about her own art work & she was really interesting & I hope she gets hired. Anyway, it looks like BizArt is going to be partly really useful information, partly the sort of class I have to put a lot of myself into to get things out of it (not that this is bad), & partly some frustrating & pointless discussions...we'll see. I am an optimist.

+ I bought new sweatpants yesterday because they were on sale & they are super comfortable & I love them.

+ My schedule is really good. I have not gotten into the insanity of rehearsal yet, but 10am is a good time for morning classes, & I love having T/Th mornings free--it means I can actually work out (I did yoga yesterday morning & now all my muscles are screaming), or do homework, or be productive. Or sleep, if I really need it. Awesome.

+ Today is burgerama at Deluxe. Yum.


So, y'know...I just need to get rid of this cold & get the weather to be a little bit more like April (seriously--just a few degrees warmer, okay? & maybe a little less rain? or at least some sunshine while you're raining?), & everything will be peachy.
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This is why I like Ki's acting class:

She gives us liberty to indulge. No, she insists we indulge, that we spend time, time, time on moments in the scene, that we don't let the text run us but rather rein the text to our control & then make the scene twice as long by doing what she calls "larding it up!" Make it fatty. Give it moments of reaction and action, taste/smell/hear/feel the sense memory of the moment, pause before you say that next line. Indulge. She says she has never, ever, had to tell someone in her class that they are doing it too much.

I NEED this. I am a pull-back actor, a small-moment actor, far too much to be good for me. It's hard for me to let go, it always has been; I tend to rationalize everything--which is good--but neglect the lardy fatty emotional stuff--which is not so good. I know she'll pull me back if I go too far (though frankly if you combine my tendency to not let go with her tendency to loooove the lard, I doubt this will ever happen). Induuullllge.....yeah. :)

Plus this is such a good scene for it! I am stuck in one role too much right now, so I need to work on branching Elena out--she is not guarded all the time. & that opening monologue has so much potential for larding! All these moments where she's talking about Astrov--"aloof--engaged--diffident--arrogant"...I started working through the monologue today in class & taking notes; what triggers this? What sense memory is this like? "Arrogant" is a tart raspberry, "engaged" is smooth chocolate cream, "that little frisson" is ice down my back on a hot summer day.... (this scene is hot, you know, & it's half my job to make it so; this has got to be the ultimate of want/can't have). Rrrr. I love this.
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Have made grand progress on my room today! It no longer looks like a catastrophe, & now resembles somebody's cozy bedroom with a pile of boxes in the corner--full of books, natch, which need to be sorted alphabetically & put back on my shelves. Some of said shelves are fairly messy, still, but I am nonetheless pleased.

Things are going well. MSR is happening & I am thrilled; tomorrow I get to have breakfast with Emily & Liz (!), get a haircut, & sell three bags of books to Magus. Wednesday is New Year's Eve, where I get to see Perez again & watch a taping of Says You & go to more than one party (I hope). Thursday & Friday I am angling to see Nikki & David, Saturday is the BE meeting thing, & Sunday is the one full day Perez & I have to put something substantial together for Ragnarok before school starts again. Yikes!

That's pretty much the only thing I am really worried about at this point, is Ragnarok. I feel v. intimidated by it...but still excited, so that's good. (I should probably be worried about my independent project in history, since I have a proposal due probably next week, but I'm not.)

& I am taking a break to take online quizzes. Because, uh, I can.

oh dear. )

That last quiz plus all this talk about Twilight et al makes me really want to break out the old bat characters...maybe I should pull up those files & actually finish something. & then publish it & make millions like Stephanie Meyer. :)

It's OVER!

Dec. 11th, 2008 11:12 am
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I'M DONE! I'm done with this quarter! I finished my physics exam, an hour early I might add, & now I am finished!

Man, this is so exciting. Guess what? I'm done with my English Major (I could graduate right now, really, but haha, no, I like to torture myself), & I'm done with all my core classes. That means to graduate I have these credits left:

5 cr. American research seminar in History (Fr. Murphy, winter quarter)
5 cr. Senior Synth in Drama (Ki or someone else, Spring quarter)
5 cr. Acting II class (Kate or Ki, Spring quarter)
+ 5 cr. of Drama Honors (with Perez, writing a musical, performing in Spring & should have started yesterday!)

WHAT. 15 + 5 honors credits & I am DONE. I am almost out of here!

Now I get to sell back my books I don't want. It's petty cash, but it's still cash, & I just get such a warm fuzzy feeling taking money from this school. Hee.

OH. Things I love Thursday, besides everything I just wrote:
+ I put in my dangly earrings all by myself today! Yes! My ears are all healed up & I can actually put in my own earrings instead of making my mother do it. I am so pleased.
+ Tonight I am seeing Othello. Goody goody.
+ Knitting. I have mad plans for it! I am excited.
+ Tea! Today is it mint.
+ Mittens. Today it is cold.
+ might snow tomorrow! Eeeee!
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This paper on the William Robinson murder is going a little faster than I'd thought, although I still think it's silly. I am, however, made happier by the hilarity of primary sources documenting a murder investigation:

"28 August 67
Col. Sec.

Did your Excellency notice that the foreman of the Jury in this case is apparently the man suspected of committing the murder — ?"

...what. This is what you call a twisted legal process!

I have no more words. :D
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I just finished auditions for Melancholy Play, & it was amazing! There wasn't a huge group, but there were a couple freshmen girls (plus three more froshies tomorrow, so we'll have a good crop coming up I think), plus some of the old standbys. Braden warmed us all up at the piano, singing scales--which I haven't done in forever. It made me feel very professional, in a way that I never do when I'm singing for a director...& luckily that carried over into the song itself (O Mistress Mine, from Twelfth Night), which I ended up singing three times for different directions. And we read scenes--I read one with Casey, & one with Cozy, & each time we got direction and played around, & Chris laughed a lot!
Oh, & did I mention Chris? She's the new director (replacing Rosa for this & next year), & she is fantastic on a cracker. She's incredible. She's smart & funny & warm & so obviously excited to be here & work with us, it makes me just glow to be around her.
I came out of it with the post-audition adrenaline shakes & all happy & grinning, so I think it went well. (Please please please please....)

& now to be nerdy I'm going to tell you about my classes, because I have now had all of them:

* History 201 -- This is basically how to be a historian 101. I think I've learned everything in here already via Honors & mostly Dr. E, which means I'm going to be bored as hell. I spent Wednesday in a cycle of "I do not need to be here. Okay, don't feel so superior, that's rude, give it a cha--okay, I really do not need to be here." But I'll just plug through. I actually think it will get better once we're doing actual projects, so we'll see.

* Physics 481 -- This is wonderful. It's my core interdisciplinary, but I don't even care that I didn't get out of taking interdisciplinary because this class is going to rock that much. It's bascially a discussion class on Galileo & modern cosmology, taught by a snazzy witty Welsh woman who takes no bullshit. I love her already. We had to buy a total of two books, & one of them is a biography of Galileo. Awesome. :)

* History 341 -- This is Pacific Northwest History, which I think is going to be really interesting...we spent the first class talking about the idea of the frontier & the different reactions to it (U.S. versus Canada; "life, liberty & the persuit of happiness" versus "peace, order and good government"), & the teacher seems like a good one. (Mariah's in the class & as we sat down she pointed to Father Murphy & mouthed "I love him!" so that's a good sign!)

* English 303 - Moby Dick. I'm not kidding. The only book we had to buy was Moby Dick. And Dr. W is going to run this like a 500 level seminar becuase he does everything like that, & I'm going to be perpetually caught between academic excellence & feeling like I've failed everything, & we're going to spend 50% of the time talking about whales & whaling for god's sake, & I am terminally excited about this class. :D I think three out of four is not bad.

In unrelated news, the 2008 MacArthur Fellows have been announced & they all rock. Of course.

Now I am waiting for Perez (who is stage managing) to finish meeting with Chris and Braden. Yikes. Knowing that they are in there talking preliminary casting (second auditions are tomorrow, callbacks on Saturday) is so nervewracking. I want this I want this I want this!
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Thursday afternoon I fly out of Seattle to Chicago. Let me tell you, that day cannot come soon enough.

My excitement's a little dampened, unfortunately, by how overwhelmed I'm feeling about the work I have to do between now & then. I would just buckle down & DO it (I mean, I am, I'm going do as soon as I'm done with this), but a) this history paper is one of those assignments that is about as attractive as the wrong end of a magnet, & b) I am ridiculously tired. I think I'm just chronically sleep-deprived; I gave up at 1am yesterday & went to bed even though I should have done more on my homework.

Oh, that refrain: I should have done more! I wail, with absolutely no one to blame but myself.

Also, I think I can legitimately distract myself by working on poems, which, although they are technically homework and so strictly fall into the realm of "allowed things to do with my time," are far less important (given that it's revision with no specified due date) than, say, my history paper or my history reading and critical journals, or that last section of the Ghosts analysis for Rosa.

Also I need to eat better. And work out, so that I have more energy. Holy bejeezus, I am not taking care of myself at all. This is lame.

my to do list, wtf )

Y'know, I think I can manage it. Actually, I'm not sure about that; I'm only saying it because I have to believe it. If only I weren't so damn tired all the time.
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Week two of school, over and done with. This weekend I have a mountain of homework: reading Marx & journaling about him (writing snarky comments in the margins keeps me sane); researching the production history of Medea, with some kind of focus, for our presentation on Thursday (I'm not even sure where to begin!); memorizing/working on the scene from Medea we're doing in class for that same presentation; working on the notebook assignment for Sam Green (lots and lots of little poems, lots of making my brain think poetically which for some reason it doesn't want to do); writing the draft of a long poem for Sam Green (am excited about this one though); taking a look at the four poems from my workshop group; reading for theater history class; and working on the directorial analysis of Ghosts, which is an enormous project that I am sure I will manage to screw up somehow.

Hell. That is one terrifying paragraph. I suppose the good thing about having so many is that I can bounce around to another when I get sick of one. Haha! Well, some of it should be fun, and that which isn't should be okay, so I'm not worried.

Except that I really need to go grocery shopping...yikes. Food.

And laundry. Eeep!

eta: & of course, idiot that I am, I forgot to send in the first assignment for directing. It wasn't even something big. I already had it done. I just forgot. & now I feel like an idiot. *sigh*
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First I will give a HOORAY for having a solid, secured wireless internet connection that my computer knows and loves! Fighting with connection = most frustrating. Sharing with neighbors is awesome, people! Especially when it means your wireless bill will be less than $10 a month. What, what.

Also yay for potatoes, currently boiling on my stove, since I have no creativity as to dinner. I don't even know what to do with them. Maybe boysenberry sauce? Lawks. (Ok, so I'll do something good, I'm sure, I'm just a little off the cooking train at the moment. I want to make something gourmet, but keep stalling by the idea of cleaning up afterwards.)

I talked to Rosa today about doing CWS(A) for an honors project this spring, & promptly found out that I am an idiot, vis a vis the fact that you really need to apply before October to be considered for the following spring. Well, damn. That being said though, she also told me that it would have been fairly pointless to apply for a directing Honors project before I'd taken directing, as no one could have had any input into how I am as a director, so it wouldn't have been that strong of a proposal anyway. She told me I should apply next year, except, am I really interested in directing as a career? Because if I want to follow acting foremost, then it might be a better idea to do an honors project in acting, since it's sort of a step toward careerness, what with grad school aps & resumes and other suchlikes.
Now, here's my issue: I want to direct CWS. I am going to do that (probably as an independent study this spring for the hell of it; this is something I just need to do before I graduate). I also would like to get honors in drama, for several reasons. However, I know Cozy's going out for honors next year, with an utterly super-fantastic project on Hamlet that she wants me to be involved in, but not to the level where I feel like I would be a co-project-person, because a good deal of her project is something she wants to do, and should, do. I don't want to get involved on her ground. I do however really want the project to happen, & I want to be in it. So therefore I don't want to a) think up some other project, that would be in competition, & b) be doing my own honors thing & be too busy to do hers.
All of this is of course superficial on some level because do I seriously need honors in all my majors? No.

..I kinda want them though! that bad?
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I just got an email in my school inbox that reads as follows:

Are You . . .

Passionate about literature?
Looking forward to your next paper assignment?
Slightly neurotic?

Maybe Graduate School in English is right for you.

For some reason this amuses me to no end! Probably because you could adapt that to pretty much any grad school. Are you passionate about theater? Looking forward to the next play? Totally insane? Maybe a Professional Actor Training Program is for you!

I will not let this be the start of thoughts about graduate school. Although for all the freaking out I've been doing lately, "my future," at least beyond college, hasn't been on the list as much as it has been other times. At the moment I care about getting through school, finishing everything I want to do. What do I do after I graduate? I'm not sure. I know what I want--I want to act. I want to do theater. However, wherever I can do that, it doesn't matter much to me right now. I'm pretty sure I'll figure it out.

In other news, I have a lot of reading & homework this weekend, but not an unbearable amount. One of my assignments is to write a poem, about somebody, in a particular style. Mmm fun. Also loads of reading. Yes. And writing for Kangas. But it'll be broken up by Elspeth's party tonight and hanging out with people tomorrow night, and if I need it, Jane Austen night on PBS. Hah! Geek! Maybe I oughta go to grad school for lit after all.

(Still working on getting real internet here...I wrote this while connected to a random unsecured network I found. It disappeared. Will I be able to post this? Oh the drama!)
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- Poetry class. Actually called Voice Class, but it really is Cathal introducing us to loads of Irish poetry, which we all then read aloud in various ways, with various things to think about / play / people to talk to etc. Since this is one of the integrated Gaiety classes we're not actually working toward a goal, which makes the class literally pointless, although sometimes enjoyable nonetheless. Today, reading a poem which potentially contained sheep-shagging, we were required to have a partner, and switch off reading verses with them, while one chased the other as farmer and sheep. You think I'm kidding? I'm not. Baaaaaaa! Oh, Cathal...there will never be another teacher quite like you. I was far less disturbed than I expected to be, given the horror stories from the IES kids who had to do this on Monday; mostly I laughed a lot at it & now enjoy the fact that I can say I attended a poetry class about sheep-fucking.

- Movies. Cozy, Nora, Kate, Lee, Meghan & I went to see American Gangster at the enormous movie complex in Parnell Square. The movie was actually really good: violent, though, & I winced a lot; but the cast was on the whole quite good (it has Denzel, people, how can it go wrong? Plus Chiwetel Ejiofor, Russell Crowe, Cuba Gooding Jr & a host of others) and the story was engaging. Also: gangsters. Need I say more.
Then we stayed in the theater & saw another movie, for free. I feel so illegal. It was The Jane Austen Book Club and was totally unremarkable, so that's all I'll say. We were at the theater from noon until five-ten. Yes.

- Le Office. I came home, fought with my internet & talked to Joel for a few minutes while I made rice, reheated leftover Thai curry (may possibly be better the second night? Cannot tell, will do more experiments), and then sat on the couch with Kate & watched about four episodes of The Office and knit.

So...not a bad day, actually. A lot of just sitting about and doing nothing, which is exactly what I wanted. Tomorrow is Newgrange, for which I am getting up appallingly early. Again. (When do I ever get to sleep in?). Sunday is Bray!
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There! It's over. Fueled by a six-hour writing frenzy yesterday, Kristen's periodic "grrrargh I don't want to do this!" rants with me, lots of tea, a long break for Shana's party & a walk back with Joel, another long writing frenzy for the six pages of hoo-hah & then finally an editing's done. Or rather, Donne. All I need now is to go up to campus, print them & hand them in--& summer will be officially here. Hah! Take that. As Bernard would say, God, I'm good.
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So I have about six pages minimum to write on my Donne scholarly essay (at least nine, minus the three I've got already)--& it has to be fairly good. & then I have at least six of an exploratory narrative to write, too--reflection on my research process, supposedly off of notes I've been taking all quarter. Hahaha.
So, six or seven pages of academic blather & six pages of hoo-hah. Before tomorrow at three o'clock. Hah! Been there, done that, right? Right. Here we go.

(I am so tired of academia, though...I'll come back to it, I always do. But right now I really don't need any importance placed on what I think about seventeenth century anythings. I'll read other people's opinions. Just, please, don't make me think anymore.)
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So guess who just turned in her thesis? Oh, don't bother, I'll tell you: ME. It's all finished, totally & completely, emailed to Dr. E & out of my hands!
Erin & I emailed ours together, & I'm going to have to post the entire email because I find it all far too amusing not to.

Who knew this had anything to do with Paris Hilton? )

And I realized that after I turn in my dance paper (Tuesday, but it's already written) & journals (Thursday) the only homework I will have left is Donne. That's it. Proposal due tomorrow which I have already emailed to Dr McD, reading for class, one 8-10 page paper to finish, one 6-8 page narrative. That's all. & as much as I am dragging my metaphorical feet & whining like a child, it's really not all that bad; I've done worse. School is almost over. I cannot wait for summer.

AND EMILY CALLED ME! Forgive the capslock, this is my best friend & I haven't seen her for about half a year, & she's coming to Folklife so tomorrow is going to be hanging at Folklife with Emily & Melissa & I'm so very very excited!
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So tonight was the SPT Play a Part auction, at which Patrick & I performed the first page or two of Arcadia, looking dashing in costumes & everything (well, Patrick looked dashing; he had tails. I felt a bit like a cupcake...lots of frills). People laughed. It was amazing. & Corey and Frank performed (they still have so much ahead of them, the lucky freaks), & Kaya & Caty gave testimonials, & Evan & Tracy performed previews of next season. & we raised money money money. (I'm not sure how much, but since it was pretty much all profit, it's all good.)

Man, this show is going to be hilarious. Shana came up to us afterward & said she'd been stressing out about directing, a sort of How am I going to do this, I'm Directing Arcadia & then she watched us & heard people laugh & said, Oh, wait, this is gonna rock my universe. Damn straight, Shana. This is gonna rock the universe like...a rocking thing. (Patrick & I spent much of the night going Man I can't wait till we start...I want to see everyone in their roles...etc & so forth. We've been doing this a lot.)

...I think I need an Arcadia icon. (Dork.)

Also I have been making to do lists constantly lately, crossing things off & making new ones a few days later, & the best thing about it all is that the damn things keep getting shorter & shorter. Awesome. I mean, some of things on there are sort of, "read R.C. Bald," which is a whole book, or "revise thesis," although that actually won't take too long. But there's really not so much to do before the end of school. I realize also that I'm counting June 1st as the end of school. That is really not true. I do have a finals week. & I do have a paper to write, due June 8th. But nevertheless...

I should get on that homework thing. Cross one more item off that list...


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