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I was inside listening to Ravi Shankar music, when suddenly--out of blue skies and nowhere--it has begun to hail. Hard. Beautifully, at the same moment that the music picked up rhythm, as though the sitar was somehow calling down the storm. And now, a great flash of lightning, & the loudest crack of thunder (maybe the only time I've really heard a crack of thunder), almost at the same time.
The storm is right overhead.

Oh, but weather is glorious!
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I am, at the moment, exceedingly tired in that sort of deep pressure in the back of my head way, as a result of getting only four hours of sleep last night. I was going to get more, but I wanted to burn things. Ok. Um. Chronogically, then:
More or less chronologically, anyway... )

I was tired, obviously:
"Wait, wait, Dad--get the, the cord...from the computer...the LSD cord. No. The LS...the...camera thingy." -Me (Yes. An LSD cord. You plug it in the computer and the hard drive goes hallucinogenic. Ehehe.)
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This day is warm and sunbathed and utterly glorious and the last thing I want to be doing is writing a questions paper for Bible class. Our room is actually warmer with the window wide open than it was with it closed. I'm sitting here on the floor in a tank top and it feels so incredibly summery. I want to lie in the sun and doze, preferably with somebody else. Or have strange conversations and laugh. A lot.

I had a meeting with Professor Earenfight this morning (which I remembered at eleven, sitting there in my pajamas. Go me), which, for the fact that I came utterly unprepared, was really productive. Professor Earenfight totally rocks. She pulled down all sorts of crazy sources for me, and we thought up lots of strange questions about Balthild and Merovingian queenship and were all cynical about hagiographers' motives. Apparently I ask very good thesis-seeking questions from all my sources, and she said that the question I asked at the end was going to stick with her for a while until she found out if anyone had actually tackled it. Hee. I love hearing things like that. Gives me the academic warm-and-fuzzies.

I am going to get started--I realized I have a huge amount of actual homework to do for tomorrow, beyond the major papers I have to write within one week (a week! *dies*).

to do list, for me )
All I really want to do is lie about in the sun.
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My roommate woke me up by rushing into the room and zipping open the blinds and yelling, "look!" So I woke up to snow. Which was lovely, although now it's melting (pah!). The sun's come out, though, so it's all glowing white and gold. Mmmm....

Yesterday was fantastic--dinner at Paloma's, seeing NWS girls again, laughing and talking. Poor waiter, we were there forever...but we left him a big tip. Then back to Vanessa's--we watched Connie and Carla and sat around and talked nonstop, traded stories from college, all the weird people and teachers and city life. So wonderful. Today I get to see them again (screw homework!).

pictures of snow! )

I am also jumping shamelessly on the bandwagon and starting an LJ for Nevan Raleigh. (Now that I think about it, does anyone besides Allie and Liz even know who Nev is?) And I need an lj-name.

But now I'm going to do my homework. Honestly.
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There's something really lovely about being woken up by "wake up, it's ten past nine and it's snowing!" and sitting up under a thick warm comforter and looking out the window and watching soft white falling from the sky. It didn't last long, but it was beautiful while it did.
Also it was kind of funny watching the crows trying to fly through it and making annoyed noises when it landed on their wings.

St. Augustine's Confessions is really interesting...how nearly every sentence refers back to God, relates each event or feeling back to the Lord--and how he goes back through, sometimes painstakingly, each "wicked" and "lustful" thing, and admits several times the pain it gives him to think of them, now that he knows how astray he had gone. And yet, through all the "I was wicked, oh my lord" and "you were silent to me, my God," I get a sense of how much bloody fun he was having at the time. It's really odd...but I like it, so far.

Monday night the parents and I are going to dinner with Neal (yes, bad pun former-Bathhousian Neal), who writes restaurant reviews for the Weekly...so we get to be the "friends who came along" and we get to eat things and tell him how we like them. Hurrah!

More Augustine to read...ta.
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The sun is out and it's so golden and warm in here, and so bright and beautiful outside, that I feel like I ought to be able to run outside without a coat and dance about and do my homework on the lawn.

Unfortunately, I would freeze if I tried that, so no reading outside for me. Sigh. It must be warmer today, though, because the Reflecting Pool wasn't frozen over like yesterday. Lord it's cold.

Thought will be all Augustine and Anselm with some Scotus and Ockham for good measure, all mixed with a healthy dose of terrible puns from Father Reichman, I fear. (Marty: "Thales thought everything was water, which wasn't true, but..." F. R: "So his philosophy wasn't watered down? ...he wasn't all wet, then." Agh. Should be good, then. *grin*)
I have more math too, but at the moment I'm actually enjoying the purely rational mathematical right-and-wrong, equation solving sort of atmosphere. I think I need it as an anchor for the humanities on the other end.

Also I request prompts! I want to write, and will have more free time now than I am like to have nearer the end of the quarter. I already have "write about a...frog" from Joel, but I love to hoard prompts and plot bunnies (can't promise any of the fanfic variety though), or any NCPS bits and bats that Allie or Liz can think of...tell me. I need something to scribble about.

Hoorah! I am taking a Salsa class, and my roomie is forcing me to exercise with her in the morning. Why I'm happy about this I don't know, but I am. It's good for me. I need movement. And at the moment, I need to read history. Ta, chickens!
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There is nothing quite like opening one's door to see the message: 'K- I want your hot ass. -John.' (I know who wrote it. It wasn't John. But it was an interesting moment nonetheless.)

Also, the fog this morning is utterly gorgeous. I can't see past the chapel--I can barely see the chapel itself--ah, I love this weather. It wraps you up all misty.

Audition tomorrow.

Also I have a funny muscle twitch in my left leg (well, either it's a muscle twitch or there's an alien fetus in there and it's getting ready to burst out and take over the world. One thinks of weird things when one can't get to sleep at midnight.) and it's really annoying.

But the fog? The fog is beautiful.


Apr. 27th, 2004 04:32 pm
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The weather here is glorious! GLORIOUS! I got on the bus downtown and at about 50th in the U District big, fat drops of rain started dotting the pavement. Then they came down harder, and big, fat hail came down as well, bouncing off cars and coming in through the open window of the bus, and splatting on the top of the bus--it sounded like someone was hitting it with a stick. That's how hard it rained...and then, glory, glory, lightning and thunder! Six seconds apart no less, so so so close...I walked home from the bus stop and got drenched, my coat sopping, my jeans soaked, my hair wet like I got out of the shower and hadn't reached for the towel yet. My bag is soaked too, as is the cardboard box of triscuits--ooooh, I love this weather! Should have happened yesterday, when it was eighty degrees--if it was a little warmer I would have danced down the street and gone gutter-hopping. But a bit cold. Oooooh, so much fun...I adore thunder-and-rain storms!

Aha. Thunder again, only three seconds off, and this time the house shook...oh boy yes, this is the kind of weather I adore...

Also I think I know where I am going to college. Shauna took Lyss and me to Nuncle Lizzy's for class today, and asked what was up about college--so I explained my dilemma--and boiled it down to Seattle U and LC. Shauna told me to close my eyes--difficult in the rather frenetic state I was in for most of the day--but I did; and she said the names of both colleges and told me to see what my body felt like when I heard each name. After that it was fairly obvious where I really wanted to go. And I guess I kind of knew it all along; I was trying to convince myself I would enjoy the honors program (which is true) and that SU was affordable (which is also true, relatively) but all in all I know that LC makes me happier.
Haven't told the parents yet (neither of them are home). It is expensive. And that makes me cringe a bit. But really I am figuring what is money to happiness? Really? I just hope they won't have to take out loans and things. I talked to them about college yesterday...they both want me to go to SU, I can see, but they said they would support me wherever I decided to go, and as cheesy as that sounds it's lovely. They really are wonderful people.

I talked to Scott today about my thesis...I think right now he is more excited about it than I am, heh...it was always sort of his pet thesis, he really wanted someone to do it...(Me, a while ago: I don't know what to do for my thesis... Scott: Do same-sex marriage! Me: Er...no, I don't really want to.... Me, some time later: I think I'll do same-sex marriage... Scott: YAY! Well, you get the idea...) I need to clean it up and add in transitions and explainations and that joy of all joys, an actual thesis statement...*snerk* But it shouldn't be too bad, really.

And in philosophy we're reading Machiavelli (yee-es!) and in Primate Bio I am nearly done with the paper and we're going on the trip next week (wheee!) and in Comics we're doing finals of our projects (bristol board! so exciting!) and in photo I finally went and got some paper, and am getting Jennie to write things to put on acetate, and in math...well, I'll manage. :) (We're doing new stuff with integrals...which I think I understand. Maybe I will put in a bit more effort this quint and we'll see how that goes...)

So now I will go and do homework for a bit and then go away and then come back and do somemore...

I love you all, people. Really I do.


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