Nov. 2nd, 2004


Nov. 2nd, 2004 01:05 pm
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...well. I voted. It's filled out, it's signed and dated, it's waiting to be taken to the post office after history class. All I can do now I sit tight and hope. But as nervous as I am, hot damn it felt good to vote! Booyah!

For those of you who have voted: GO YOU. I love you.

For those eligible voters who have not voted: GODAMMIT, GO VOTE NOW!

(I'm holding to that dream I had. kerry kerry kerry kerry kerry kerry kerry kerry....)
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i'm torn between eternal disburbing optimism and the bleak, lack-of-feeling knowledge that bush has probably already won. i don't really know what to think. part of me wants to go storm d.c. and fix everything at once and part of me wants to hide under my covers for four years.
you know, my roommate is a bush supporter. she voted for bush, anyway. and i was thinking, because i don't hate her, i don't think she's evil or any of that--that would be supremely stupid, actually. i don't know if i have a point. i was just thinking.
i don't understand...i mean, i guess i do...but really, i don't understand why people DO horrible things. why people destroy other people and the environment &c...just why? it just disgusts me. it really does. (i know i'm not being specific or making any sense. i'm tired and my stomach hurts and i bloody well hate politics of all sorts right now.

also i want to write desparately but every time i try to put words on paper they come out wrong. the words aren't what's in my head...they don't describe the scene that unfolds itself like a personal film in my mind. it's frustrating. "i don't want to write. i want to have written." i hate it when that's true. i bloody hate, hate hate it.

edit: the mind often thinks of something terrifying or pleasant without enjoining the emotion of fear. It is the heart that is moved (or in the case of a pleasant object some other part).
...maybe i'm really tired and confused, but did aristotle just make a sexual innuendo?


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