Nov. 16th, 2004

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I'm cold. My fingers are more likely to make typos when they can't bend as easily, but I have to keep the window open because it's just too stuffy in here otherwise, the air nearly choked me--it isn't the heat, really, it's the incredible materiality of the air. And I know that isn't a word,'s so thick.

this is whining. i needed to write it but it's stupid. )

In other news, in Washington state, it's illegal to have sex with a virgin, including the wedding night. So, basically, if I'm going to get any legally, I've got to move. (Not that I'm planning on it or More weird sex laws here.

"So you would do the same things today whether you knew you were going to die in a hundred years, or tomorrow?"
"Well...I wouldn't do my laundry." -Michelle, Kareem

"...something you had never done, that you would never get to do if you didn't do it today?"
"You're talking about sex!"

Ah, school...

(Edit: And then I put a piece of dark chocolate in my mouth, and a happy song came on. I'm still annoyed. But I feel better. Funny how that happens.)


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