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Jan. 7th, 2009 02:25 pm
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That miracle I was talking about earlier? It turns out it pays to be stubborn & poor, & I'll tell you why: Because Rosa swore to me that Acting II would be in Spring '09, & I planned my finances accordingly (& therefore have no extra money to pay for credits now, when Acting II is actually happening), they are letting me register for Acting II now, Winter '09, & are waiving the fee for five credits.

No. Seriously.

I don't even know what to DO--except, y'know, register & enjoy not having to pay all that extra cash. Haha! Finally, it works out! SU 0, me 1, for once. :D

& now back to working on the script.
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So Carol may have actually pulled a miracle out of a hat for me, & SU may be doing something which I never, ever thought I'd see them do, namely, a favor. I'm still waiting for double-confirmation because I can't believe they're letting me get away with this, but my financial issues over Acting II might be over. Eeep! :D

In other news, Acting II is going to be awesome. I forgot how much I enjoy being around Ki, & I've heard she's really at her best in this class, ripping scenes to shreds. I am so excited.

Also I think I'm helping Matt with R&J fights. I am called to rehearsal tomorrow.

& Perez & I have been making some really tasty food stuffs recently, so I am pleased. Mmm polenta & stirfries.

2009...you're being real good to me so far. Keep it up, hey? I promise I'll be good back, because that's what friends do.
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+ Research continues apace! There is a pile of books on the table, I have written about a page of scribbly-verse of Loki, Seth & Izrafil introducing themselves, & am about to head to the library for more books. (Predictably, Perez is ahead of me, already having more music than I have lyrics for, but I'll catch up. I hope. Ha!)

+ I dropped & broke an entire gallon of milk outside Trader Joe's today, causing me to feel terrible, & causing Perez to actually say to me in a literal situation, "don't cry over spilt milk!"

+ My dad showed me these videos on Youtube the other day, & they are, pretty much, the best thing ever: Eddie Izzard animated in legos. Eddie talks, the legos move. It is amazing.

Romans, Carthaginians & Elephants:

+ several more! )

Right! Off to the library.
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Through a convoluted series of links, I came across an article entitled Proof that Shakespeare did not Write Shakespeare. I'm really fond of it, mostly because it's hilarious, and not very well written. The author makes the assertion that a woman wrote the plays, mostly because women are better writers than men: "this is a proven generic fact." Ahaha! As the Shakespeare Geek Blog said, "I think perhaps that a woman should have written his article for him."

Some choice excerpts (italics and parentheses are mine, mostly pointing out parts I find particularly amazing):

"Some, mainly Americans, believe that there was no such person. A woman from New England named Delia Bacon who taught Shakespeare in school went to England in 1853 to try to dig him up to prove that there was no body in his grave, just a bag of rocks. She went to his grave at night with shovel in hand, but the British authorities, in furtherance of the scheme or conspiracy to hide the fact that there was no Shakespeare, stopped her from digging him up." (I'm not sure which is funnier--the image of a schoolteacher trying to dig up Will, or the implication that the Brits have a cover-up operation going on.)

"Further evidence that Shakespeare did not write Shakespeare: The exact date of his birth is unknown. Few documents or verifiable sources of Shakespeare's life exist, much fewer than would be expected of such a prominent figure. Originals of none of his manuscripts have survived. Not one document exists giving evidence of anyone ever seeing him. Not even his own family ever referred to him as a famous playwright." (What does he want? Journal entries from every prominent politico saying 'Oooohla, today I spoke with the famous playwright William Shakespeare!'
1. While we don't have the date of his birth we do have it of his baptism, which was the date mostly recorded during that period anyway.
2. We have a good sight more documents on Shakespeare than we have on other people in the period (does this author think that actually having historical documents is the norm? Is there a large document preserver these things are supposed to go in?)
3. Actually, we have plenty of records involving him and the Globe, both financial records, and playlists listing him as an actor. If people didn't see him on stage...well, damn, he must have been a mighty fine Ghost.)

...I'm being a terrible mocker, aren't I? It's not that I don't mind the authorship debate; I think it's fascinating. I just think one should do a little more research first.

And oh my god, this guy. This website is bizarre. His home page has tons of different links...videos for him running for governor somewhere? Talking about his hard drive recovery and all the books he's written? Plus this: "DNA Tests have proven that I am the father of my daughter Sandra. With these test results (in PDF Format), anyone who believes that I might be their father can have their own DNA test done and compare the results with the data I have posted and determine with a fair degree of certainty the likelihood that I am their father."

....there are no words.
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The winners of the 25th annual Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest have been announced. A couple of my choice favorites:

Everything about Randy proclaimed him to be a man's man, though neither in the sense of being the kind of man women are drawn to and men want to be nor in the homosexual sense, rather, in the sense of being a highly efficient and well-compensated valet.

She'd been strangled with a rosary--not a run-of-the-mill rosary like you might get at a Catholic bookstore where Hail Marys are two for a quarter and indulgences are included on the back flap of the May issue of "Nuns and Roses" magazine, but a fancy heirloom rosary with pearls, rubies, and a solid gold cross, a rosary with attitude, the kind of rosary that said, "Get your Jehovah's Witness butt off my front porch."

If you've never heard of this contest, I consider you a sad, deprived child, & I tell thee to hie thee hence to this link and get educated. It's hilarious. And although I say don't do it this way, I can't deny that most of them have a certain, indefineable charm.

In other news, Writer 1272 is wonderful & hilarious--go see it if you haven't. If you've got any connection with the college application process, you'll find it funny. Hell, if you have any kind of sense of humor, you'll find it funny. At the Bathhouse, next weekend only. Go.

Also, Intiman's Prayer for my Enemy is incredible & astounding. I reviewed it at TBH but a better review would probably be to say that I cried like a broken-hearted idiot, & I'm not even really sure why, except that it was utterly true. Just go. Trust me.
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I was putting things away at the end of the day at work, & discovered an old notebook in the file drawer, a Writing Center Journal from several years ago, in which WC consultants posed questions (both serious and silly), wrote answers, discussed ideas & pasted cartoons. Even though I'm past time to leave, I have to share my favorite so far. It was written in beautiful handwriting & signed with illegible initals, and reads as follows:

Another woman in blue was writing a paper on "The Historical Subjugation of Women," and the theories that explain it. As an ESL student, she sought assistance from the Writing Consultant at the [International Student Center]. The consultant found "ability to produce multiple organisms" to be one of the students text-based arguments for the subjugation of women (ie, the men are jealous). Upon checking the text, the word was found by the consultant to be not "organism" but "orgasm." The consultant further discovered not one dictionary in the ISC with which to explain the meaning of the word, and thus, the idea. The consultant did her best, but the nun from Africa did not give much credence to the idea and stuck with "organisms."
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Is there any better video than Neil Gaiman getting snogged at the San Diego Comic-Con? ...I think not.

(The vague explaination for all that is somewhere in this blog post.)

In other news, I am really, really hungry (I made a sandwich! I ate lunch! What is this? I feel like I could eat a whole grocery store. I wonder if I've made my pre-teeth-surgery weight back...I had better.)

Also, I am done with the Massive Revision of the Handbook (am waiting on things from Larry, which makes me feel super on-top-of-things); I entered all of our summer data up till now in about an hour (go me), & I am thrilled that I have only...*counts* 16 hours of work at WC left!

My Daemon!

Apr. 25th, 2007 05:43 pm
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So I know I should be doing homework, but this is a break from painstaking research on Donne. Plus, I mean, DAEMONS. Seriously. (Also I took the test twice & it gave me an ocelot both times, so even though I tend to think of my daemon leaning more toward the pinemarten/ermine side of animals, ocelot was the one I chose when we made cat-people characters as a kid, & hey...I'll take him.)

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I would just like to state for the record--as though I have not stated this enough--that Dr. E is my hero, my saviour, & everything else I could possibly want in an advisor. Why do I always forget how helpful she is when I'm all depressed? I had a meeting with her today about my outline (the one I thought was terrible--& it's not awesome, but it's so much better than I thought) & we talked for an hour & a half, mostly about the tangent we went off on, about Margaret's childhood, which ended up with us mining Wikipedia & marveling over Rene d'Anjou's hundred titles & the exploits of his wife Isabel of Lorraine & how fantastically crazy Margaret's childhood would have been. & you know what else? It's all completely applicable to my thesis--no, let me rephrase that, it's necessary to my thesis. & you know what else? I'm pretty sure that's a good three pages right there. Plus all of the expansion I have to do about everything else that I actually know more about than I think I do. Plus rambling about John of Fortescue, who is a slippery little bastard & kind of funny. Also Anne of France & her lesson to her daughter, which includes a part about not picking your nose, of all things.
& when I came into her office she handed me a photocopy of one of her articles, printed at last! & on the top it has written "to Kenna, fondly, Theresa," & she told me that now that I've given a paper at a conference, we're peers & I've graduated to first name use. Gar. Well I just... I mean...well, um. Incoherent with academic geeky glee.

& entirely unrelated, but still important:
Do you want to hear me perform in a student directed RADIO PLAY? Yes, you do. Because...
a) radio plays are super awesome & we have to prove to Steve G that they're not a dead art form,
b) it's about a kid called Marlowe "Mars" Martin, & really, is there a better name?
c) I play the cigarette-smoking vaguely-bad girl love interest, or
d)all of the above. If you picked "d" you are correct.

Go to KSUB's website & click on the "listen now!" link to the left to tune in & listen on Saturday April 21st at 8pm.
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I am in Cozy's room...we just finished a ouija (an ouija?) session that was the most amazing conversation I've ever had with the afterlife. (Well. Considering this is basically my third conversation with the afterlife or whatever one calls it, I'm not running on much, but it was awesome.)
He was a 91 year old when he died, in 1971, in New Mexico. We chatted for a while, asking test questions (he got my highschool nickname & Cozy's middle initial), just asking random questions--he was married, with two children, & he was a dentist. We asked if he had a message for us, but he said no, he just wanted to chat. He was really specific, & very fast between letters--no lagging or being confused, very very clear & quick.
Cozy asked if he knew where she was going to study abroad: M-I-L-A-N, he spelled out.
Then we asked about theater (seriously, dorkiest ouija question I ever heard)--whether there was going to be Shakespeare while Cozy & I were here.
.... )

It was hilarious & amazing...sort of like being teased by your grandpa, who just wants to hang out with you for a while. He said he wasn't from around here, but I kinda hope he comes back or that we can contact him again.
Katie & Colleen are coming now...hopefully there will be other amazing conversations. Haha! So much fun! I have never quite done this before...

ETA, the next morning: We had more conversations. It's actually really exhausting, talking to whatever it is that's going on, thinking of questions. I left the room during one conversation to talk to Joel for a long while, sitting in the Bellarmine lounge by the windows. When I got back the girls & Andy were deep in intent conversation with someone they called "AB" who I gathered had died of AIDS, fairly recently (1997). They were asking about crushes & drama drama & various other similar things & as far as we could tell--since we kept asking--AB was having as much fun chatting about all these things as we were. It was really truly bizarre. What was even weirder was when Cozy's roommate got home & we had to move, & we told AB, We're going to the basement, same building, is that okay? Can you find us? YES, says the board. & when we get to the basement & sit down & ask, Are you there, AB? it shoots right to YES. ...so this guy really liked to talk...altogether I think he was talking to us for a couple hours.
People asked many many questions...mostly about relationships & their future, which I mostly exempted myself from since I discovered that I really don't want to know; & even if I did get an answer, I wouldn't know whether to believe it or not. Weird...
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Remember this--although I went through most of the day slightly disoriented, a little upset--still, the evening was all loveliness. This evening was a passover seder, hosted by Cozy at Katie & Colleen's apartment; it was the tastiest matzo ball soup I've ever had, and drama kids sitting around coffee tables and couches and making terrible jokes and laughing at everything; it was pot roast (which everyone said was incredible), and very sweet wine and sparkling grape juice. It was a seder with parsley and saltwater and everything else that I probably can't spell properly; with lots of blessings and drinking and eating; and with the mos beautiful toast, a toast to being grateful for, among other things, love, peace, friends, clean pajamas, toes and hands and ears and breasts, caresses, wine, and many other good things on this earth.
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We talked to ghosts! (Well, some of us certainly communicated with something. & it was wicked...)
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*Firstly, I love Dante. I love how the Divine Comedy is both high-flying epic adventure, political commentary, and personal vengeance, and how he can be literary and brilliant one moment and totally childish the next (Filippo Argenti, anyone?), although that's all part of the literary brilliance as well. I also love the way Dante the Pilgrim interacts with Vergil, and I think it is incredibly sweet, and have probably doomed myself to utter scholastic-dorkness by saying that. But I do. It's adorable.

Also I really want to sit down with paper and pencil because there are so many images from the Inferno that I want to draw [Vergil shielding Dante's eyes from Medusa, Dante flipping out at Nicholas III, the wood of suicides, the three animals, the Geryon...]

And Erin and I have decided we want pet Geryons to live in boxes under our beds, and make funny purring noises, and eat salesmen and Mormons who come to the door. So it shall be.

*Can I reiterate how awesome Ultimate is? I don't know why; there's just something incredibly satisfying about that powerful flick right before it sails across the green. Plus, the concept is just cool. I mean, really.

* I have to write a critique of an essay for my writing-consultant application. I don't really know what to say besides, "this needs a lot of work." Which is kind of the point, but still...I'm okay telling people when they're right there, I just need to figure out how to put the words on the paper. Which I guess IS the point, so. There you are.

* Finally, for some reason this always makes me laugh. A lot. It shouldn't. It's kind of pathetic. But it's so funny. PENGUIN! )


Apr. 3rd, 2005 03:15 am
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Tonight was rather good, hurrah! I spent the day being sort of tired and mopey (note to self--don't oversleep; it makes you more tired and it sucks), and vaguely doing some homework, but mostly being entirely useless. I went and got dinner--I was going to get sandwiches, but it had all closed down, so I bought soup and rolls instead--and I sat on the corner of Broadway and Madison, on the stone SU sign, and ate soup, waiting for Erin. A man wandered by smoking a cigarette and sang at me for a minute, which oddly enough wasn't at all creepy. He was very friendly. Then Erin and I wandered around the video store for about an hour--I exaggerate not--and finally found Life of Brian and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.

We stopped in QFC to get chicken for Erin (I don't know. She wanted chicken) and had a long and bizarre conversation at the deli counter with a tall pony-tailed man in a black utilikilt, beret with celtic pin, and leather jacket. I was being mean to Erin (because she's mean to me) and he said something about her being a troublemaker three aisles over.
"Oh, yes," I said meaningfully, trying not to laugh.
"I stab people," Erin said, in that mock-serious way she has. "I kill them."
"She stabbed me," I said. "We had to sew it up with yarn."
...and so on. And then he noticed the pirate pin on my bag, and said, "oh, you're a pirate! That explains everything," which for some reason I thought was hysterical. And then he told me at great length about a song about pirates who don't do anything (a Veggietales song, apparently), and his girlfriend (?), who looked kind of amused, told me not to be too bothered, or something. I wasn't. I thought it was fabulous.

We watched Brian, with Elaine and Tara, and then Elaine's little sister who is visiting. I love that movie. It's so...sacriligous. *grin*
Then we went to the Bistro and sat around and talked and laughed a lot--lots of stories of Elaine and Elise's car accidents, and random gossip about fellow students. All very horrific of course. :D (Also much talk of the KFC Club, which is not about fried chicken. *snerk*) At the end the Bistro was playing Enya on the sound system, which was really bizarre. I mean, yes, I like Enya, but at the Bistro?
And then we went back and Erin and I read bits off [livejournal.com profile] m15m (which is hysterically funny--go there and read the memories), and then watched A Funny Thing Happened.... Up Sondheim! It was hilarious.

And I walked back in the breeze and the dark and the little bit of rain, and it is gorgeous outside. Also the birds are singing like it's six am. I do not understand this. Why are the birds being so bloody loud in the middle of the night? WTF, as they so eloquently say? I do not know...it may keep me awake. Because of the walk, or something, I am now more wide awake than I have been all day. Maybe I'll do homework, since I'm suddenly not tired. No, seriously. I think I'll read Astronomy.

P.S. From Maggie--ta, Maggie!--go read this. It's hysterical, especially, as she says, for anyone subjected to a 'politically focused humanities class.' Zinn and Chomsky commentary on ROTK.


Mar. 31st, 2005 03:01 pm
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Ahaha, I love Marty. I handed him a piece of gum during Lit and he says, "you'll be paid in full the third month of every Wednesday." And then pauses, and says, "I mean..."
I thought it was a wonderful sentence construction, and I am going to steal it. What for, I don't know; but it's mine now. The third month of every Wednesday...

He was also my lab partner for physics today; the lab was really easy. Probability and measurements and so forth.

Cooee, we're reading Marie de France next week! Must call Allie. *grin*

And Melissa is coming to see me! Huzzah! And tonight is R&J. Break a leg, m'dears. :)

...hmm. Have lots of homework; should probably do some before the weekend. But, really, I prefer to forget about it until Friday afternoon...
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A medley of Photographs, for those who were unable to attend the Burning of the Squirrel. Photos stolen from Chris (thanks Chris!).

A lot of photos. I mean that. A LOT. *evil grin*

squirrel burning )

Now 'tis time for Tacitus and Jordanes and Gregory of Tours...
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Hallo, m'dears! Time to spam you with Really Cool Links Which You Really Ought To Look At. Yes. :D

Firstly: from [livejournal.com profile] yonjuunana, this man rocketh my world. Honestly. Antanas Mockus for President! *waves flag*

Secondly: from my roommate. This is just....cool. It's art! Right before your eyes! Hee.

Thirdly: I actually can't remember whether I posted this before; I think I may have. But the linguist geek in me can't get enough.

Fourthly: If you haven't read the Evil Overlord List, then you are, obvioiusly, going to fail as an Evil Overlord.

That's all for now. Four is a nice round number. Makes a square.

....and I REALLY have to do homework now. *runs away*
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Am I the only one who finds it rather darkly amusing that we celebrate someone's horrific death day by giving chocolate and flowers and stressing over relationships? I'm not trying to be bitter at all, I just think it's crazy how things end up all turned around.
Martyred for Hallmarks. That's a depressing thought. *grin*

Am doing logs in math. I like logs. This is weird.

I have to go research my paper now. Wheeee!

This song always makes me think of Razzie. I wonder what he's up to today? *snerk* ...probably holed up somewhere, if the poor boy has any sense.


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