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I love so much--these past two weeks (I missed TiLT last Thursday) I have felt a lot of gratitude for a lot of things, places, people--I like that space. It's a good space to be in. So: love all the things!

* Travelling - basically last week's entire TiLT, if there had been one, would fall under this category. And--last Thursday I was in fact visiting Leeann--who was the person through whom I found out about Things I Love Thursdays in the very first place--so this is somewhat of a special one, in that aspect if nothing else. Hi Leeann! :) 

Travelling this time means Chicago and Detroit-- it means staying with my poncho boys, deep dish pizza, gorgeous theater, standing in those terrifyingly amazing glass boxes at the top of the Sears tower with Patrick, taking silly photos, playing board games, getting drenched by midwest rain. It means watching the scenery change as I bussed along the highway to Detroit. It means seeing Leeann again after three years (!) and realizing we've known each other for eight (!!). It means biking to urban farms and feeding chickens and goats and ducks and climbing into haylofts and finding chicken eggs and then eating them for breakfast. It means hot and humid air, biking through gorgeous old neighborhoods and ogling incredible houses, eating so much delicious food (Leeann: "We could go to... oh, there aren't enough mealtimes.") and visiting a beautiful chaotic bookstore with amazing signage and cooling off in the breeze by the windows with Lu and Bonnie. It means meeting couchsurfers from England who made tasty curry, baking cookies, sitting on porches with lovely people as a proper actual thunderstorm rolls across the city and flushes out the heat. It means museums and libraries, a rambunctious and adorable three year old, community dinners. It means for a brief moment learning my way around a tiny piece of one neighborhood of a new city. 

* Home - the other side of travelling, coming home. And I love my home, oh Seattle, you gorgeous beauty of a place, and my little apartment that I have such a real-estate-crush on. And seeing my gentleman again (two weeks, too long) do I ever love that! And gosh, my bed feels foreign and so fantastic after two weeks of couches. And the sun, oh glory, Seattle spring is here and I love sun sun SUN. 

*&etc: [I feel like I could go on forever] fancy dinner with Nicole (rich rabbit ravioli, lux cheese plate, to-die-for dessert, hilarious conversation, mooning over the guitar player); wearing short-shorts with cowboy boots and a sweater (my preferred spring outfit); the opera, particularly that ten-minute orchestral section with some of the most gorgeous light cues in the history of lights; finding new good words to live by; babysitting A. today (made and destroyed lots of trains, read lots of books, sat in the sun); sleeping with the windows open; the sweet barista at my local coffeehouse; wandering the Sunday market with the gentleman (dates that are entire days? spoiled, we're spoiled); popsicles; Science News; sending letters through the post. 

What do you love?

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Hello lovelies! I love so many things this week, mostly because I am on semi-vacation and having so much fun, so essentially everything falls under the category of: THIS SPRING TRIP:

* Seeing so many amazing friends! Elsa of course, and Jon. And the giant reunion at Charlotte's thesis show tonight (so many people!) Maybe my favorite, though, was surprsing my friend Elspeth at her MA thesis show Wednesday--she didn't even know I was in town, much less coming to the show, and she actually did a doubletake after the performance. Ha! Also, the performance was amazing, and it was so so good to see her again.

* Performances! Elspeth's show, which was awesome. And Sleep No More for the second time last night--so much new stuff, which was what I really wanted. It was a very different experience from last year, but also fantastic. I spent less time grubbing about in rooms, and more time following specific people for long periods of time, trying to track arcs (Macbeth's in particular). No one-on-ones this time, but I did get lots of interaction--I gave Lady M her towel at the end of her arc, and she took my hand and led me all the way downstairs back to her room to find the letter; I followed Bald Witch to a small room by the Porter's counter, and she grinned at me and seduced me and kissed my neck before running off; Hecate led me and a young man down to the final scene at the end; Lady Witch almost took my hand before Hecate stopped her. I almost like these public interactions more than one-on-ones in a way, because you become part of the show in a completely different way, and much more publicly. It was also really interesting watching audience reaction this time, too.

*&etc: the subways, yes really, I actually love them; even when I take them in the wrong direction for half an hour and get hilariously chatted up by a 20-year-old music student; delicious diner food, mmm burgers; listening to Cabin Pressure on an aeroplane (just as funny as I thought it would be); "otters may have shifted during flight;" hearing the gentleman's voice on the phone; stealing sweets for him at SNM; petting the TinyCat; singing showtunes at the top of my lungs at Marie's Crisis; my dress; the wedding is TOMORROW!

What do you love?

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Happy Friday! So obviously that means it's time for Things-I-Love-Thursday, since I'm often late on these. Ah well!  April is looking up, ladies & gents, I tell you it is.

* Rehearsing magic shows-- disappearing into boxes never gets old, people, never, this stuff is so freaking fun. (If you're in Seattle, come see my show! Tomorrow night, Auburn Performing Arts Center.)

* Preparing for travel -- I'm getting so excited for this trip! I'm making plans with Leeann ("MOST IMPORTANTLY, what do you want to EAT?" God yes), I'm talking through last-minute ideas & getting wedding-excited with Elsa, I'm looking forward to Chicago, I'm planning what to pack and organizing lists, I'm just really freaking ready for this and so happy to be going. 

* etc: This TEDxCMU talk by Gala Darling * giving a solid audition for an intimidating woman (acting club, thank you for everything, every time) * re-organizing my music in itunes, finally * radiolab podcasts on my ipod! * seeing good theater * comfy sweaters * excellent meetings with really organized people * asking for what i want--and getting it. proud of myself for that.

What do you love?

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The Tarot cards told me April was going to be a bit rough for the first three weeks, and so far they're not lying. But really, it's nothing terrible--just long weeks and negative energy and stress that I know how to handle. Just remember the good things:

* sunlight in the morning through the blinds
* walking around with rolled-up jeans and no jacket on 
* driving on the freeway with the windows down 
* sun sun sun and spring spring spring 
* constantly playing yellow car even--let's be real, mostly--with myself 
* traveling lemon in the apartment 
* having music back on my ipod properly & organizing itunes 
* the satisfaction of finishing re-formatting the entire ramayana script
* excellent chats with nicole
* bridal showers and getting to see elsa in person (!) before my trip
* thinking about my trip, kajsbdkjbf i am getting so excited
* kale chips & the fact that my gentleman is just as obsessed with them as i am
* finding awesome new monologues & acting club i love you acting club
* burt's bees chapstick. i really don't think i could get through a day without it
* being told i should be cast as a sexy assassin more often (ha! yes please) 
* taking time for myself

what do you love?

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Holy cats, what a week. What a month. Oy. Righto, on to the positive--things I love! That make me happy! Good things!

* crackers and cheese & guacamole * being a magician's assistant, going into boxes, disappearing, coming back out of boxes * the auction was a success! *sunlight in the morning * elsa comes to visit this weekend! * comfy trousers and slouchy sweatshirts  * getting to sleep in * being surprisingly happy with my body the way it is * yellow car! i am totally winning * to-do lists & how helpful they are * running into old friends in my new neighborhood and finding out they live a block away from me * finding things i thought were lost. that will save me money for finding them! * ferries at night * day-dreaming about summer plans * being able to open my window at night for fresh air, mmm springtime * getting to see my gentleman for the first time in an entire week, even if it was mostly all at tech rehearsal * 

what do you love?

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A quick one, fitting for how rushing around I am this week. Whoo wow, I'll be really glad when this auction is over...

Edamame for snacktime * terrible pop music to get me going (& really excellent mashups too) * unexpectedly seeing my boys at the theater (I will never stop thinking of them as kids I directed when they were baby freshmen) * making silly fake campaign videos for Death/Sex * ranting sessions in the car * water. tea. honey. liquids. * Burt's Bees chapstick * competent and organized people, oh bless you so much * getting my jeans hemmed! * playing Yellow Car with Patrick * Nutella in tiny packets that I can take for snacks--this is a great idea, whoever came up with that * this week i am appreciating all the hard work my car does for me * mascara * wedding details with Elsa * plotting accessories, yep, sometimes I am that girly * leftover cake for dinner * google docs. 

What do you love?

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Things I Love this week:

* YOGA oh holy cats I missed yoga so much. I've spent a lot of this winter hibernating and being vaguely ill and not exercising very much at all, and going to yoga last night was pretty much the most amazing feeling. My shoulders hurt a lot today & I'm stiff in that really awesome I-worked-out-well way. SO GOOD. 

* Acting Club! Tuesday evening I finally went to acting club, which is essentially hanging out with other awesome theater people and working on monologues for auditions, getting excellent feedback, and doing them over and over in a safe place to play. I still have some playing to do with them before Saturday (Wooden O audition), but I already feel so much more prepared. Therefore also: SO GOOD.

* Socializing - I did pretty well this week with actually seeing people I adore, which is always good for me since I am usually both busy and a homebody. I saw theater made by lovely people & I met up with friends & had another actual date (yes really, I'm impressed too) & still managed to give myself the right amount of downtime by myself. Also good! & tonight--game night! So excited!

*& etc: introducing new people to Zoeyogurt froyo (the best); late night crisis talks with Patrick via email; catching up on Castle; magic show rehearsal (did I mention I'm now a magician's assistant? yeah, I know all the secrets!); BLT sandwiches for lunch; scones and tea; it's MARCH!!

what do you love?

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Things I Love this week:

* breakfast-for-dinner nights with (some of) the girls from stage combat class; the two who came just left, and it was a lovely evening of hanging out and lots and lots of delicious food

* a real proper date with my gentleman! dinner out & swing dancing to a live band, my gosh--& the dancing, so much fun!

* I am really, properly starting up this freelance editing work--my client this week loved my work on her conference proposal & is paying me bank for it, & I actually truly enjoy doing this. Oh extra job I love, you rock my world

Frankenstein is coming back to cinemas

* I get to see so much theater this weekend--four plays in three days, bring it on!

* & etc: backrubs, my tarot cards, running after an adorable one-year-old, being a hardass when necessary, sleeping in (& working in bed), reading five books at once, chicken tikka masala.

What do you love?

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Things I love this week... 

* I'm back at ACT! Ramayana text workshops this time--and I have a shiny new laptop that's all for me, for making script changes and tracking drafts & oh yowza, I'm a big dramaturgical literary nerd, yes thank you very much. It feels so wonderful to be back there, though (especially since for this workshop I feel particularly useful). I missed that place. (Also my ACT Pass is still valid! Wicked awesome.)

* Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead. Last weekend this weekend! Beautiful cast, beautiful show, beautiful language, augh, I love what I do, etc & so forth. I will do my best to not become sloppily sentimental, but I do love it. I've also had ridiculous amounts of fun working on Ophelia, and honestly doing character & background work that is highly disproportionate to the actual amount of time she spends onstage in this show, but why not? It's there, and it's awesome. 

* &etc: sorting out organizational messes & succeeding; the frankly ridiculous number of books I have borrowed or waiting for me at the library; sweet text messages; packages in the mail; hanging pictures on my wall (finally!); planning outings; kale. Always kale. 

What do you love?

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Hello all! Some things I love this week...

* The Book of Mormon (the musical)-- it's been on repeat for two days & I cannot stop laughing!  *  the lovely feeling of getting into bed with clean sheets in a freshly-cleaned room * getting gorgeous invitations in the mail * pinning together boards of postcards & keepsakes and getting to look over memories * those two fake-blood-covered cards from Sleep No More - oh my heart * singing out loud in the empty apartment (though let's be honest, I do that when Patrick's there too) * "Compassion! Courtesy! Let's be really fucking polite to everybody!" * short skirts, legwarmers, cowboy boots & comfy coats, the uniform of "why isn't it spring yet?" * parmesan mashed potatoes and kale * kale is on every one of these lists, no shame (kale is the new tea?) * I get to go back to the theater & do more R&G tonight! * tarot readings *

what do you love?

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Happy Imbolc, for those that celebrate it! Or Candlemas if you prefer, or Groundhog Day if that's your shindig, I'm not fussed. It's just about halfway between winter solstice and spring equinox, so that's worth a bit of a celebration I'd say.

Things I Love this week:

*Sunshine! (It's been clear and bright and so so sunny in the mornings--the other day when I woke up I was so warm and the sun was so bright I had a strange mental disconnect and thought it was summer for a few minutes before I was fully awake.) Walking around the lake in the sunlight (even if it's still chilly) is so excellent.

* Fresh thinking/self-love/mission and vision statements... I started reading Gala Darling's website again (February is radical self love month!) and that, combined with my recent restlessness, got me all inspired to really start thinking about myself and what I want and what my plans are. And to clean out my blog reader and organize things. Maybe it's spring, too, but it all comes together in a good way. 

* &etc: acorn squash mac & cheese, new favorite recipe // kale chips oh god I will never get tired of you // allowing myself to be lazy // haircuts that take just an inch off and somehow make it a million times better // comfy cardigans // brilliantly edited fan-videos // water water water // cuddles // silly jokes // you.

What do you love?

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Things I Love:

*R&G are Dead. & awesome. & opening tomorrow! We have a preview audience of about 70 tonight which is going to be strange but wonderful to have some reactions and laughter. I love watching everyone work and acting in this gorgeously designed world with beautiful people and standing in the dark backstage and listening and okay, just, it's amazing. That's all. If you live in Seattle--come see this show. Really. 

*Having a flexible job that lets me sleep in during tech week, oh god. Bless you flexible hours, bless you. I appreciate you so much right now. 

*Irish music --it's on my Pandora at work. Hello motherland, I love you. Sometimes it's all I want to just hop a plane back there and spend all my time sitting in pubs listening to sessions or wandering around Dublin or the west coast or riding horses through fields or dorking around in theaters. Augh, I miss it so much. 

*Drinks with Erin & Dr E! Delish cider, snarking about gender, coining new phrases, talking about history and queens and studies and how fantastic our honors program was. So, so good to see them again. And Dr E's book is nearly done, and then there will be cava parties and lovely queen books to read! 

* &etc: dutch tongue twisters, Red Mill burgers, roommate love notes left in egg cartons ("you dirty hippie"), peanut butter, Castle, silly texts, pennywhistles, my Ophelia sweater, middle-management froyo meetings, late night walks home in the wind. 

What do you love?
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It's been snowing since Sunday, off and on, and while it melted for a day here in Greenlake, well, let's just say the Starks are right. Winter is coming. It's here, baby. We've had snow all day yesterday plus some freezing rain in the wee hours, and now more snow... yup, it's a good old Seattle snowstorm, just like the ones... we never get. 

Oh but really, I kind of love it! I've had snow days (though I'm remoting into work some), and I'm feeling a little cooped up at this point, but it's so pretty out, and this happens so rarely, that it's pretty exciting. (Though I'm lucky in that I don't actually need to go anywhere, and I realize that.)

So, on this snowy week, things I love:

*Warm things. Tea. So much tea! It warms me. TEA. Also, blankets, c.f. curling under them; hot dinners; cuddling; electric heaters; pajamas and sweaters; fuzzy hats & fluffy socks & slippers. 

*Housewarming! Patrick & I (finally) hosted a housewarming on Sunday, and the snow kept some people away, but there were plenty of lovely people there, lots of delicious food (I think I ate half the french toast casserole on my own), and then mimosas in the afternoon after rehearsal got canceled (which has been happening a lot this week), and sitting around chatting. Fern gets the prize for being the first person here and the last to leave. Ilu Fern! :)

*Watching good TV! This is another snow day related item: so. much. television. I rewatched The Reichenbach Fall with the gentleman yesterday (I'm still trying to figure out what the hell this out of character moment is that Moffat mentioned. Augh. Too much thinking about Sherlock! Oh wait. No such thing). And I've been finishing up Game of Thrones (just one more, which I'll watch today). And there'sCastle Once Upon A Time & I, uh, I'm kind of not used to keeping up with this much tv that's actually worth my time. It's kind of awesome. STORYTELLING!

*Reading. Speaking of storytelling, there's a new Innogen chapter! Go read it.Also I have been reading The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making, which is an excellent modern-Victorian fairytale, and some of Patrick's holiday edition of the Economist. There was an awesome article about frogs! Also one about Albrecht Duhrer. And Prof E sent me & my friend the first chapter of her upcoming book about Queens! So excellent. 

*&etc: Watching snow fall out the window, all the drifts of white, so pretty // taco night with the roommate, yum! // I am really appreciating socks right now, I'm just going to say that again // my paperwhite plant is totally beating Patrick's paperwhite plant, no matter what he says // I'm going to be in a magic show in April! // it's STILL SNOWING!

What do you love?

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Things I Love Thursday:

* (under the category of) Rehearsals: watching amazing people work; playing all the time; figuring out music, I keep remembering that I can actually do this, and it's exciting every time; working on backstory that no one will ever know & nerding out about it anyway (honestly, I can't stop Hamlet&Ophelia-ing in my brain); how to drop into an emotional moment, fake & real, I love the theater; "devastating emotion!" - "just doing my job."

*(under the category of) & also:
Planning for parties (brunch food, omg brunch food, it's all I want to eat right now); late-night conversations; reading books on the bus; gorgeous set and lights & some beautiful acting at Coriolanus; lemon-garlic broccoli pasta; all the green tea!; Game of Thrones (finished the book, have three episodes left); rain-making sounds on my phone ("we're in Seattle, listening to fake rain?"); my roommate; beautiful photographs; website successes.  

What do you love?

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Things I love Thursday:

omg did I mention Sherlock
Irene Adler
seeing all the lovely people who watched Sherlock with me
But really. There was a whole passel of fandomwank that I more or less avoided, some really good (polite&firm, nonwanky) discussions, and lots & lots & lots of picture spam and love, and I just...augh. ILOVEIT. I really really do.

*R&G are Dead! Rehearsals are so great. I have only been to three so far (not counting the readthrough, uh, last year. Haha)--two for blocking and last night's stumblethrough. Also part & parcel with this is building backstory for Hamlet & Ophelia (& I'm really pleased with it too & honestly last night I just lazed around for about forty minutes before going to sleep just thinking up more backstory and plotting out ideas and guys, if you didn't know before, I am a nerd, so, uh, there you go. Seriously. Ask me if you're curious, I love this stuff.)

*Game of Thrones, I am watching it alllll the time, so so good. I'm reading it at the same time, which is sort of weird--usually I either read first and then watch, or I ignore the book till after the movie/tv show. But I started reading the book, and I got so excited that I didn't want to wait and started watching the show alongside, slightly behind my bookreading so I don't spoiler myself too much. And it's actually super fun doing it this way. It wouldn't work for a movie, but man, for a tv series, it's awesome. 

*14/48 is happening! & I'm designing (what, I'm a fraud) & augh I'm so excited (!!!) The ensemble meeting for the first weekend is tonight. Meeting's at 7.30. They tap the keg at 7. God I love this group of people.

* &etc: avocados avocados avocados // pumpkin pie ice cream on ridiculous sale at the supermarket, nom nom // "EPIC Administrators!" & other stupid jokes // this music box rendition of the Sherlock theme, so creepy and so excellent // finding hitherto-unknown graphic design skills & making posters for Hamlet // my car starts again! so I hear anyway, I'll test it soon // my winter hat // the SUN IS OUT & it's so pretty! // my hometown is better than yours (my friend said, "Seattle is the Chuck Norris of cities") // we have a microwave now and I can use it to make mug cakes! your argument is invalid.

What do you love? 

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I am a sheep!

Also, holy wow I didn't write much in LJ here, so this is going to be... sparse. Hah.

January: (there is nothing. For the entire month.) Well, yikes. 
February: NB. I have not posted here since the 12th of August! 
March: (once again...nothing.)
April:  Meet and Greets with the ACT staff and production teams (in reference to a TiLT post)
May: (am I just skipping every other month here?)
June: *Cowboy boots They are helping me feel happier about all this rain, because it means wearing them is not only badass but practical.
July: *The Sequence! And my cast, and my director, and my crew, and oh gosh, it's so great to do theater.
August:*sprawling on a blanket, reading outside in the shade
September: This is all I ever post here anymore (in reference to TiLT, again...it's true!)
October:  signing the lease on the new apartment (tomorrow morning! we move in a week and a half!) 
November: Puppies! I've been house/cat/dog sitting for friends of mine, and while the haul to get down there from my place is a bit long, I have to say on the other hand: DOGS.
December: Things I love… to forget about doing!

So, we can draw some lessons from this: I really rarely ever post here anymore; when I do, it's always TiLT posts, and... that's about it. Erp. Well, I'm still posting this meme because I'm stubborn about some traditions, so there. 
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I am itchy (pro tip: never get fungal infections, just don't, it sucks) and exhausted because this keeps me awake all night long, and irritable because of both those things, and busy and stressed and so clearly I really need to make this list:

swim practice with six gorgeous people, dancing to emma's excellent choreography and laughing and being silly and also professional and awesome // lentils // rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead readthrough, oh my goodness this cast is so excellent and the design presentations were utterly inspiring and i literally couldn't breathe for laughing more than once so bascially: YES // we have blinds on our windows now // bhangra dance and watching awesome dancing and acting work // being cast (new play new play!) // planning christmas presents // reading lots and lots of novels from the library // tea // happy dreams, even when i can't remember all the details once i wake up fully // burlesque and running light boards for shows // wonderful texts from the gentleman (who i haven't seen in a week, but little notes make that better) // good student clinicians at my doctor (who are moving on and i'm sad about that, but they were super nice) // gingerbread ice cream // daydreams // & oh guess what, i'm losing my 14/48 virginity in january (!) as a designer (!!) and i'm so freaking excited about this // 14/48! 14/48!!

tell me.... what do you love?

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Things I love this week:

*Sherlock has an air date! (!!!!) New Year's Day. kjbkbaskdgkadsfbf. kjsbfkgsf. SHERLOCK. 

*Ramayana workshops!  Spending my days at ACT, videotaping and running about and being helpful, and watching dancers do weird and interesting work on the Ramayana project. (Subset of that: being back at ACT! I really do love this place, and I love that I know it so well.)

* Indian music! The sheer amount of Indian music of all kinds that has been playing in this room all week is awesome. I could listen to bhangra all day, and be nothing but happy. And probably exhausted, because I'd want to dance to all of it.

* Busby Berkeley style Swim Team. We're wearing vintage slips and ridiculous swim caps. We're pretending to be a fountain. We have amazing choreography from Emma. We also have a really hard time not cracking up. This is going to be amazing. (Psst, if you're in Seattle next Friday, come to Schmorgasborg at Balagan to see what this is all about...)

* &etc: cupcake happy hour, legwarmers, Once Upon a Time (I am really really into this show, ack!), free book downloads on the kindle app, dinosaur humor. 

What do you love?

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Things I love… to forget about doing! That, and because I wasn’t at a computer yesterday (which was awesome).

* The Muppets Movie. Oh my god. It’s physically impossible not to be happy while watching the Muppets. Impossible. Life’s a fillet o fish… yes, it is!  (Plus, it was roommate-date time with Patrick, and there were about seven other people in the theater besides ourselves, and we had the balcony of the Cinerama all to ourselves. Best way to watch a movie, ever. I’m going to hit up Thursday matinees more often.)

*Finishing NaNoWriMo! I did it! All right, it’s 50k+ words of disaster, but there are some parts of it worth salvaging. Eventually. At the moment I think I won’t look at it for several months, but I’m still happy for getting to the goal and putting words on a page. Third year! I’m like a junior in Nano. 

*Elfing. Tonight is Figgy Pudding—if you’re in Seattle, come downtown and find us on the corner of 5th and Pine. In more general terms, I love: hanging out with lovely ladies, singing & dancing and being silly, drinking hot cocoa, walking around the city in striped tights and boots that make noise, jinglebells. 

*& etc: Excellent orchestral music, twinkle lights, looking forward to holiday parties, zingers for justice, gingerbread cookies, Once Upon A Time and Castle, my red coat.

What do you love?

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Quick Things I Love this week:

*Puppies! I've been house/cat/dog sitting for friends of mine, and while the haul to get down there from my place is a bit long, I have to say on the other hand: DOGS. Two sweet dogs, one purring cat, so much animal company. I am glad to get back to my house tonight, though.

*Elves! Sugarplum elf rehearsal tonight -- songs and dances. It's a low key season, I think, but I miss elfing with the ladies. 

* Nanowrimo breakthroughs! Still behind, but not getting any worse behind, so that's something. And have a plan! Oh yowza. 

* Sleeping! I love it because I want more of it...

&c: earl grey, nutella, the armwarmers leeann made me, my "epic" station on Pandora

What do you love?


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